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590. pmonchino2@gmail.com - Nov 18, 2020
I am looking to contact fellow graduates from the class of 1967.I have not been able to get to a reunion for quite a while and I wondered who was still living in the area. Feel free to contact me,Patricia (Sansevere) Monchino

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588. mmplumbingsupply@aol.com - Apr 17, 2020
I've never done this before but here I go .. my sisters name is Nelsa Garcia she graduated holy family grammar school in 1972... my name is Michael garcia I'm the kid brother that drove the big wheel every morning.. my sister passed away about ten years ago does anybody remember here or have a story .. I miss her a lot . Thanks

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586. uedemps@aol.co - Dec 23, 2019
Are there any 1955 graduates in new jersey

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584. rjv494@optonline.net - Nov 18, 2019
Does the high school have a facebook page, I couldn't find anything. thx, ron, class of '67

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567. Jelg26@ aol.com - Nov 6, 2017
Patience is a virtue that I possess occasionally. Located photos by Arlene T on Grupo publico... But eas thete nit a n Engkish version of this facebook group.

566. Jelg26@ aol.com - Nov 6, 2017
3am 11/06/17 unable to.locate Holy Famiy School.union vity Ny facebook.pagr eith Arlene Tummonos photos of ckass 62 reunion Improve my search vocab or info how locste

565. Jelg26@ aol.com - Nov 6, 2017
3am 11/06/17 unable to.locate Holy Famiy School.union vity Ny facebook.pagr eith Arlene Tummonos photos of ckass 62 reunion Improve my search vocab or info how locste

564. Dollhsmkr@aol.com - Oct 28, 2017
Viewing for Sr Kevin is Monday 2:00 to 6:30 at Mount ST. Francis, 250 South Street, Peekskill. Funeral Mass is Tues 10:30

563. Jelg26@ aol.com - Oct 27, 2017
Just received call from Sr. Helen in Peekskill. She is Sr. Mary Kevin's cousin and primary care giver. SR. MARY KEVIN DILLON PASSED AWAY TODAY

562. yt@ta.com - Oct 2, 2017

561. jimandlu308@aol.com - Sep 7, 2017
To all members of the HFHS family living in Florida, as you face the threat posed by Hurricane Irma, know that you are in our prayers. Jim Naughton Class of 1962.

560. j2urban@roadrunner.com - Aug 22, 2017

559. ebbsoft@verizon.net - Aug 17, 2017
Hi Jim! I think you were the Class of 1962. The P&L was on 32nd Street right next to the gas station that was on the northeast corner of the interestion of 32nd St with Kennedy Blvd, directly opposite the old Sears building. Its still there today! Hope to see you at the Reunion on Oct 7th. Eric, Class of 1967.

558. Jimandlu308@aol.com - Aug 16, 2017
What is / was the address of this diner?

557. ron08840@yahoo.com - Jul 20, 2017
Is the P&L Diner still there?

556. webpsychic@aol.com - Jul 8, 2017
Mary Rafferty Liffers '48 [ASSED on 6/20/17

555. webpsychic@aol.com - Jul 8, 2017
George Vadino class of 1950 PASSED on July 1, may he rest in peace.

554. ferrantegary@yahoo - Jun 22, 2017
http://www.hfreunion.org/index.html Go to the site to find all about the All Holy Family Reunion on October 7th.

553. dave1nancyscott@sbcglobal.net - Jun 20, 2017
FROM CLASS OF 1953.I live in California. Is anyone from our class going to the reunion

552. mateojntk@aol.com - Jun 6, 2017
Hi Everyone, Long time no see!!! Come to the 2017 HF reunion at Il Vaporetto on 10/07/2017. Good Food, Good Music and Good Memories - See you there

551. sallen751@verizon.net - Jun 6, 2017
Class of 1954 Holy Family Grammar School.

550. Jelg26@optimum.net - Jun 1, 2017
To classmates HF class of '62 One of fellows Tom Sangillo passed away this past February. Sange was living in Indiana and passed away a fter suffferingALS while being cared for by famiky in Minneapolis.

549. ron08840@yahoo.com - Mar 14, 2017
wow, I just peeked in, way to go Eric.

548. ron08840@yahoo.com - Jul 24, 2015
Maybe Eric or another person can clear out all the spam that has found it's way back on the message board. It was cleaned up once before. Thanks in advance, Ron Victoria, '67

547. c.feasenmyer36@sbcglobal.net - Jul 23, 2015
Hi Anyone from the class of 1954. Actually, I have the yearbooks from 1951-1954 if anyone is interested. Still here in CT living on God's little acres in the country. Any plans for an all school reunion?

546. Mfiscella@ymail.com - Jul 2, 2015
Checking on high school reunion

545. vveltri@dc.rr.com - Jun 12, 2015
Does anyone know what became of the statues that were removed from the Church when it was remodeled?

544. emmaw1000@gmail.com - May 25, 2015
Louis Garabaldi of St Michaels passed on February 28, 2015. He was a frequent visitor to Holy Family.

543. vveltri@dc.rr.com - Apr 9, 2015
I was able to see the All School Reunion pictures that Eric posted from 2012 but wasn't able to open the Class of '62 Reunion pictures for "security" reasons. Anyone know why? I attended with my "bff", Margaret Wilkins Ninivaggi, who passed away shortly thereafter. I'd love to see if there were any pictures of her in that group. Thanks for any and all help in viewing these pics. Valerie Caruso Veltri '62

542. angelobasso@yahoo.com - Mar 13, 2015
1964 class - hello, and best wishes, please drop me a note, thanks, angelo

541. ron08840@yahoo.com - Oct 6, 2014
Is there a site which lists contacts for classmates? I recall seeing it years ago but can't locate it unless it has been deleted. thanks, Ron Victoria, 1967

540. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Sep 24, 2014
Just got word that Joe Fazio passed away. when I get more info I will pass it on. Lee Moorhead

539. JIMANDLU308@AOL.COM - Aug 18, 2014
Much Thanks to Eric for restoring our website to its rightful owners. JIM NAUGHTON Class of 1962.Way to go, Computer Genius !

538. ebbsoft@verizon.net - Aug 17, 2014
Your welcome Ron. Eric, class of 67

537. ron08840@yahoo.com - Aug 14, 2014
whoever removed all the spam here, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you Ron V, class of 67

536. c.feasenmyer36@sbcglobal.net - Dec 21, 2013
Patricia Roche Ibach class of 1954 has passed away. She had been living in PA for many years and her brother, Jimmy and wife Marie had been living close to each other. She had been my best friend since we met at Holy Family High. She lived across the street from the school and we had coffee in the morning before school. She was my maid of honor and I her's when we each married. I will miss her very much. We had tons of fun together.

535. pgcrowley1@verizon.net - Dec 17, 2013
Bill Hatcher, class of 1961 and a priest in the Newark, NJ Archdiocese has pass away. Do not know any details as of yet. Sent 12/17/13.

534. peterjarney@gmail.com - Dec 5, 2013
Class of 1964 - Next year is our 50th anniversary. Michele Ippolito and I met to begin plans for a reunion. Anyone interested in attending a 50th reunion next year, please contact Michele mfelice3@aol.com or I peterjarney@gmail.com. We hope to form a committee to begin planning. Regards - Peter Arney '64.

533. lewjan@optonline.netClass of - Aug 30, 2013
Class of 1964. next year is our 50th anniversary, Anyone planning a reunion or wants to start plannning a reunion

532. artnsoul3@hotmail.com - Aug 3, 2013
Plans for class of '63 reunion in September are coming together nicely, but we are still missing several friends. Pls advise if you know their whereabouts or that of their siblings--Veronica Corbisiero Sillman, Pauline Dawson, Thomas D. Flynn,, Joan E. Foerster, Eileen M. Foley, Daniel Powers. Thnx. Joni Capomaggi Scrivani

531. artnsoul3@hotmail.com - Jun 29, 2013
Hi all--these are the folks we have been unable to find. We (Jeanne Cahill, Ben Gadzowitz, Morena Proano Gadzowitz) are planning a reunion for Class of '63 on September 10. If anyone knows a sibling or has any info on these classmates, please let me know. Joni (Capomaggi) Scrivani arnsoul3@hotmail.com : Raymond Cheslock, Veronica Corbisiero Sillman, Kathleen E. Crow Kelly, Pauline Dawson, Thomas D. Flynn, Joan E. Foerster Halloran, Eileen M. Foley, Gaetano

530. artnsoul3@hotmail.com - Jun 29, 2013
Hi Don...Hope to see you at the '63 reunion in September. I am still working hard at finding everyone--as are Ben, Morena and Jeanne. I should post a list here of those who are still missing. Have a great weekend.

529. druempler@aol.com - Jun 25, 2013
hi everyone

528. kburdick@yahoo.com - May 13, 2013
when and where is next reunion for 1959 graduates? Also I would like to obtain a list of graduates names and contact numbers if possible.

527. Gnverpent@optonline.net - Apr 8, 2013
Where is father John morel?

526. zimmerman88@aol.com - Mar 20, 2013
Recently I wrote and published a book titled "PIGS or COFFEE" - A Baby Boomers Guide To How We Got This Far. It chronicals growing up in the 1950's and 1960's in Union City, New Jersey and attending Holy Family grammer and high school and Union Hill High. It is available in "E" format from Amazon and Barnes & Noble and in print by sending $13.00 to George G Zimmerman LLC, 1994 Tom Morris Drive, Sarasota, FL. 34240. My facebook page describes this book. Thank yo

525. jodel126@aol.com - Feb 23, 2013
class of grammer school 1968

524. cartanova@sbcglobal.net - Jan 1, 2013
Hi, does anyone know about a sister Anthony Marie who taught at Holy Family Day Home Location In SF, CA? Thanks in advance, Happy New Year's!

523. mastermac6th@gmail.com - Dec 20, 2012
Had a great time, every thing was perfect. Kudos to Eric Bal & organizers. We need to do it more often.

522. Peskys.gulfcoast@verizon.net - Nov 23, 2012
Finally, thought it would have been a nice and perhaps touching gesture if a member of each class announced the names of all their classmates no longer with us, in memoriam; it would not have taken much time away from the festivities.Perhaps the reunion committee for our next affair will show a bit more attention to detail. T.Pescatore,'59

521. Peskys.gulfcoast@verizon.net - Nov 23, 2012
.... no members of my class of '59 in any photos, yet many others appear in multiple photos. Most disappointing was the much anticipated slide show of photos of several Blue Bishop basketball games from the 57-59 seasons which I submitted months ago and was assured would be projected but never occurred.

520. Peskys.gulfcoast@verizon.net - Nov 23, 2012
Wonderful to see classmates and gym, visit the church and the former classroom floor. Surprised the parish priests were not visible;surely there must be nuns still with us; was an invite extended? Posted photos lacked captions..who are these alums??

519. jimandlu308@aol.com - Nov 8, 2012
Here's wishing all HFHS alumni a wonderful Thanksgiving - - - and hoping that everyone in the tri-state area came thru "Sandy" unscathed. As for us, we had no property damage but spent 8 out of 9 days w/o electricity. Also - Happy Birthday to my wife, Lu, on 11/14. Jim Naughton 62.

518. thosregan@aol.com - Nov 3, 2012
i hope all alumni in the northeat are are safe.

517. jelafre@iwon.com - Oct 29, 2012
To the reunion committee -- thank you is simply not enough to say for just such a wonderful time but THANK YOU!!!

516. salvatorebuttaci@yahoo.com - Oct 29, 2012
Sharon and I were unable to attend the reunion, which I am sure was a lot of fun. God bless all the graduates of HFHS and their families! Sal Buttaci: Class of 1959

515. f19har@aol.com - Oct 28, 2012
TO all the alumni who worked so hard on organizing this event. I can appreciate and cannot image how much time you had to spend to make this event so well attended and special. Everyone I spoke to had a great time and thought the food and band were top notch. It was great seeing everyone in my school and my neighborhood. Thanks so much, it will be a special memory. Looking forward to our special 1968 class reunion in June. Tom Frech 1968

514. rfrech@optonline.net - Oct 28, 2012
Kudos to the entire committee, your hard work paid off as usual, thanks for those efforts. Sorry for those who were not able to attend due to the impending storm. All them more reaso to attend the next one.

513. pcastaldo14@yahoo.com - Oct 28, 2012
Will pictures from the reunion be posted on this site? I wasn't able to attend but would love to see some pictures. hi Pete Arney. We rode the bus together for 4 years. How are you? 50 years in 2014 sounds good. Don't know if you remember me... Margaret (hated using that name) Peggy Breitenbach Castaldo

512. Peter.Arney@verizon.net - Oct 28, 2012
To Eric and all the members of the 2012 committee, thank you for all your hard work and for a wonderful reunion. It was great to be back in the gym again and to see the O'Reilly's and the Baletti's and Michele Felice (Ippolito). Class of '64, what about a 50th in 2 years?

511. wilusz2001@yahoo.com - Oct 27, 2012
I am at the hotel for the reunion. I am interested in meeting anyone from 1959 Email or call 482

510. mastermac6th@gmail.com - Oct 26, 2012
where, when is reunion, how to go???

509. Cjmwood@ att .net - Oct 25, 2012
Lets try this again I would like to see who is still around and what you are doing. I live in texas please e mail me. Charlie Wood class of 1952

508. Cjmwood@att.net - Oct 25, 2012
Trying to contact all remaking 1952 holy family high school union city, New Jersey. I live in texas and would like to see who's still around email me Charlie wood class of 1952

507. Cjmwood@ AT&T.net - Oct 25, 2012
Names of the 1952 attending the reunion

506. barb129@optonline.net - Oct 22, 2012
Is anyone from the Class of 1959 coming to the October 27 reunion? My husband Bob and I will be attending and look forward to it. Barbara Brennan Langon

505. jumpingjoo@aol.com - Oct 22, 2012
Is anyone from the graduating classes of '64 and '65 attending this reunion? Tom and I (Josephine) are going up for this event.

504. deyoung.ddeyoung1@gmail.com - Oct 21, 2012
I have so many fond memories of my years at Holy Family and will always be grateful to all the Franciscan Sisters and lay faculty. They have made a significant impact on my life's journey. Dorothy DeYoung - Class of '60

503. cath_dumas@yahoo.com - Oct 20, 2012
Just to find out info re Hotel arrangements

502. Jimandlu308@aol.com - Oct 3, 2012
This is a continuation of 501. to attend his immediate Class Reunion. Thank you again for everything.

501. Jimandlu308@aol.com - Oct 3, 2012
This is a continuation of 500. her transportation arrangement. Without her help, we would not have been able to attend. Although they were Jim's classmates, hence he knew them first, I felt that I knew them for a long time myself. They all made me feel very welcome and I thank them for that. It would have been nice to see them again at the All Class Reunion at Holy Family High School in Union City but for financial reasons we had to choose and Jim wanted t

500. Jimandlu308@aol.com - Oct 2, 2012
This is Lu Naughton, Jim's wife. I don't know if Jim has put anything yet on this Message Board but I decided I wanted to put something in myself. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to Megina and the Reunion Committee for their hard work in making the 50th Class Reunion of Holy Family High School a rousing success. Jim and I enjoyed ourselves tremendously. I also wanted to thank Diane (Eisenberger) Dynes for including Jim and myself in

499. woods_gill@hotmail.com - Oct 2, 2012
Hi my name is GILLIAN WOODS,WOODS NOW , BUT MY NAME WAS WILSON,it was from about 1960 to about 1963-4 time at school then wasn't good! i always went to mass at 6am and had my breakfast at school, it would be loverly to find friends, i can't remember the teachers names, could you help please thanks Gillian wilson (woods)

498. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Sep 30, 2012
I've sent emails to the inquirers responding to message numbers 496 and 495 below posted by Michele and Joanne.

497. Peter.Arney@verizon.net - Sep 29, 2012
I'll be there from the class of '64.

496. rschmidhauser@comcast.net - Sep 25, 2012
Trying to find out if any '64 alums are attending. Joanna Romano Schmidhauser & Michele Felice Ippolito

495. josie038@comcast.net - Sep 21, 2012
How many people from the class of '70 are attending? I am planning something special for that table. Thank you.

494. egburrell@prodigy.net - Sep 21, 2012
Can anyone tell me about Sr. Kevin?? Enjoy the reunion in the school gym!!!!!Elaine Gila Burrell Class of '63

493. thosregan@aol.com - Sep 19, 2012
Anyone from class of '66 going? Tim

492. meginamitt@aol.com - Sep 19, 2012
Looking for these classmates for our 50th Reunion on September 29: Catherine Baliatico, Noreen Carroll, Thomas DeMartine, Myra Donato, Maryanne Granda, Celeste Hurley, Christine Porcelli, Thomas Sangillo, Roy Wujkowski, Kathleen Fitzgerald, Anita Florio, Marion Reiner, Joyce Wicker, Frances Zeuner...TIME IS RUNNING OUT...PLEASE HELP!

491. Mcsidoti@cox.net - Sep 12, 2012
Hi, this is Irene Sidoti (formerly McSherry) from the grad class of 72. I plan on going. Possibly Diane M is going as well.

490. c.refolo@yahoo.com - Sep 6, 2012
Anyone from the last graduating class "1972" going to the reunion.

489. michelefain@aol.com - Sep 3, 2012
Hi, My name is Michele Vaccarella, I went to school between 1964 and 1968. I hear there is a reunion coming up. I cannot make it but hope all of you have a wonderful time. xoxoxo Michele

488. Louise1111@optonline.net - Sep 2, 2012
Sorry to add that William Killen class of '50 passed away 3/17/12. His wife Annemarie can be reached at 34 Conklin Ave.,Morristown,NJ 07960 telephone 973-267-3149. May William rest in peace. Louise Aiello Iannantuano

487. Louise1111@optonline.net - Aug 29, 2012
I just found out that Sam Coppola Class of '50 passed away on 2/5/12. If anyone wishes to contact his son Jason the number is 917-991-5645. May Sam rest in peace. Louise Aiello Iannantuano

486. Annewhitehall@live.co.uk - Aug 26, 2012
Any class mates who started holy family school southport in 1952

485. karlvogt@comcast.net - Aug 25, 2012
Holy Family High School, Class of 1962 is celebrating its 50th Reunion on Saturday, September 29, 2012 form 6-10 PM at the Crowne Plaza Monroe, Monroe, New Jersey. The hotel is conveniently located near Exit 8a of the NJ Turnpike. For full details link to http://www.hfreunion.org/index.html. Please forward this message to other classmates. If you have any questions, please contact me at karlvogt@comcast.net.

484. jeg@aol.com - Jul 7, 2012
What/ why does this mesage boatrd have limited mesage space. I composed yes composed a n absurdly lenghty respose to Al waltys mesage # 482 only yo learn later it was truncated ONLY after I hit submit button/cue What a downwr I hopes to have it reviewed by my rehab staff It all eaporated A mucuh ypunger friend pointed out ---Leasrn the ruls of TWITTER Best wishes to all Good health and continued good health Hope to see many of ypu at eothrr

483. jeg@aol.com - Jul 7, 2012
First let me thank Al Walty for his concern. I am relatively well and per Jersey City 1956-67 "Hanging in Thhere ! ...... ??? " SLOWLY recovering form a 12 11 neck injury and 5/1212 spinal surgery. Sometimes the cure is worse than the cause. Am a most fortunate individual. My sports career has been significantly impacxted and my playing time very limited and inerruptrf BUT I can still WALK, Talk ( still alot if not too much) and cypher. With proper ,

482. almwal@optonline.net - Jul 6, 2012
I was at a get together of Jersey City friends down in South Jersey last Sat and someone mentioned Jim Greaves having some health problems. Does anyone know how he is doing? Al Walty 62

481. metz1122@yahoo.com - Jun 26, 2012
Just learned of the October Reunion and am interested in the details. Mary Ann Carcich Metzger

480. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Jun 17, 2012
The Reunion committee is working on an arrangement with a nearby very nice hotel for an HF group discount and a bus shuttle to and from the reunion. More info to follow. Eric

479. donnafalk@ec.rr.com - Jun 17, 2012
I just found out about the October 2012 reunion. Interested in details. Attended last reunion in 2008, but my email address has changed since then-I have moved to North Carolina. Thanks. Donna Gracey

478. jnrloeffler@verizon.net - Jun 10, 2012
HF alumna, Cynthia Rocco Weir passed away on June 8. Cancer takes another victim. Too young...too soon.

477. kcolbert77068@live.com - May 25, 2012
Sorry to hear about Mr. Curriero, Pete, I really liked him. I will keep him in my prayers, Kathy J. Brennan, class of 1964.

476. Peter.Arney@verizon.net - May 20, 2012
I am sad to report the death of Frank Curriero, our beloved Mr. C. He died peacefully at home this afternoon at 3:30 PM. H Holy Family graduate, Frank taught math in the mid sixties. To everyone of us who knew him, he was special and the kind of teacher who made a lasting impact, for the good, on our lives. Rest in Peace, Mr. C. Peter Arney, 1964

475. ron08840@yahoo.com - May 7, 2012
This refers to my post below, #474. I forgot I was using the Yahoo address here and also didn't identify myself. Ron Victoria, 1967

474. rjv494@verizon.net - May 2, 2012
I can still remember Mrs. B getting our band to play at the junior dance. Fifty years later and I'm still playing Sleepwalk!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pn0vBvAahlk

473. pinterbone@aol.com - Apr 17, 2012

472. pinterbone@aol.com - Apr 17, 2012

471. jimandlu308@aol.com - Apr 15, 2012
I'm sure many HF alumni recall the 4-Star Diner on the corner of 32nd and Central in UC. My wife and I had occasion to visit it recently and we wondered "How old is that diner,and has it always gone under that same name?" Can anyone out there answer these questions? Jim Naughton, HFHS Class of 1962. Thanks. P.S. It is still a Great Place to eat.

470. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Apr 12, 2012
I am back from a 10 day Easter vacation, and during that time I visited Washington DC and saw my cousin Fr. George Hanna ( who also attended Holy Family) and is now rector of the Nativity Church in DC. I am hoping he will attend the reunion so I sent him this site to whet his appetite. See you all in October

469. Wshalh5536@verizon.net - Mar 21, 2012
Here is the full text of Jim Reilly's obituary. Details of the wake etc included.Reverend James F., age 69, passed into God's hands on Saturday, March 17, 2012. Born in Jersey City, NJ, Fa%ADther Reilly was ordained in 1968. As a trusted friend, advisor, and a dedicated parish priest, he du%ADtifully involved himself directly in numerous local community affairs. He was the beloved Pastor of St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church in Palisades Park, NJ, at the time

468. Wshalh5536@verizon.net - Mar 21, 2012
Here are Jim Reilly's details.Family and friends are invited to visit Friday, March 23, from Noon to 4 PM, at the Notre Dame School Au%ADditorium, 312 1st Street, Pali%ADsades Park, NJ (adjacent to St. Michael's Parish). Evening prayers will begin at 7:30 PM and continue until 9 PM at St. Michael's R.C. Church, 19 East Central Avenue, Palisades Park, NJ. A Mass of Christian Burial will be held at 10:30 AM on Saturday, March 24 (church doors will open at 8 AM).

467. Wshalh5536@verizon.net - Mar 21, 2012
Here is the full text of Jim Reilly's obituary. Details of the wake etc included.Reverend James F., age 69, passed into God's hands on Saturday, March 17, 2012. Born in Jersey City, NJ, Fa%ADther Reilly was ordained in 1968. As a trusted friend, advisor, and a dedicated parish priest, he du%ADtifully involved himself directly in numerous local community affairs. He was the beloved Pastor of St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church in Palisades Park, NJ, at the time

466. jeg@aol.com - Mar 19, 2012
Any info regarding wake/funeral for Jimmy Riley. As of 5pm today Mon 4/19 no info pending per no info ij Jersey Journal which had earler story. I still have expectatios of the jersey Journal to be a paper and at least extract info from Star Ledger , its parent paper, and the Record. help me by adding any updated infor to this website. I tsut Jimm's passing will be much ppreciated by the presnt and past HF ALL SCHOOL REUNION COMMITTEES as he both attended an

465. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Mar 18, 2012
I am so sad about the passing of Fr.Jim Reilly, and how he must have suffered from those burns in the fire at his church. May He rest In Peace God Bless his soul.

464. Wshalh5536@verizon.net - Mar 18, 2012
Sadly Father Jim Reilly passed Saturday 17 March. Here is lead line from today's Record of Bergen County STAFF WRITER The Rev. James F. Reilly died early Sat%ADurday, a week after he suffered severe burns in a fire at the St. Michael's Church rectory, a spokesman for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark said. He was 69.

463. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Mar 11, 2012
There was a fire in the rectory at St. Michael's in Palisades Park. This is where Rev. James F. Reilly is pastor. He is a 1960 graduate. Please pray for him as he is burned over 40% of his body and is in critical condition.

462. Louise1111@optonline.net - Mar 11, 2012
Please pray for Rev.James F. Reilly, class of 1960. He is from St. Michael's Parish in Palisades Park. He is severly burned over 40% and is in critical condition at St. Barnabus. Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48

461. ron08840@yahoo.com - Mar 7, 2012
Eric, I received your phone message and that is my correct email addy. ron

460. yolynn@aol.com - Mar 2, 2012
Lynn and Charlie Baletti, class of l964 wish to attend. Where do we send the check, and make it out to whom? Cost of tickets? Also, Barbara Baletti and her husband Mike Graham also wish to attend. Her email address is twinbie@aol.com. I think she may have the same questions that I do. Looking very forward to this event. Lynn Baletti (need BRADLEY)

459. cath_dumas@yahoo.com - Feb 24, 2012
Aha! I found it. Not to worry. The check will truly be in the mail. th ebest to one and all and travel safe.

458. cath_dumas@yahoo.com - Feb 24, 2012
I received an email this past November regarding the reunion in October of 2012 and am checking this site to find out hte cost of a ticket. Now I do know where to send the check but not the amount. Catherine Rader '55

457. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Feb 13, 2012
For the only time EVER, a Holy Family Reunion is being held in the HOLY FAMILY GYM! And, a great oldies band will reverberate the gym with the sounds of our past. Imagine being at a dance in the Holy Family gym with your school friends. Well, it doesn't have to be a dream. You can do it one more time. Eric

456. peskys.gulfcoast@verizon.net - Feb 11, 2012
To all grads from the class of '59... let's try to make a sincere effort to once again recall the happy days/times of our 4 years @ HFHS, on Oct 27th. Perhaps we can get a head start on the formal festivities. T.Pescatore

455. vveltri@dc.rr.com - Jan 28, 2012
To Jose Gonzalez (#454 below): If you have a Facebook account, log in to the "Holy Family School - Union City NJ" page and you will find students from just about every year (elementary and high school) there. I hope this helps! Valerie (Caruso) Veltri, '62.

454. jgocuban@aol.com - Jan 27, 2012

453. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Jan 26, 2012
Regarding the HOLY FAMILY H S REUNION OCT 27TH, I am sending a check for my ticket today because I know from past experience that the money we send in advance helps pay the deposits for food,music and postage for flyers. If anyone else wants to do that too, please make your check out to HOLY FAMILY REUNION COMMITTEE and send it to Eric Bal , his address is 1433 46th st No.Bergen NJ 07047... and hope to see many of you there ! LEE MOORHEAD

452. karlvogt@comcast.net - Jan 25, 2012
Holy Family High School, Class of 1962 is celebrating its 50th Reunion on Saturday, September 29, 2012. See full message below. Contact me at karlvogt@comcast.net for full details.

451. karlvogt@comcast.net - Jan 25, 2012
Holy Family High School, Class of 1962 is celebrating its 50th Reunion on Saturday, September 29, 2012 form 6-10 PM at the Crowne Plaza Monroe, Monroe, New Jersey. The hotel is conveniently located near Exit 8a of the NJ Turnpike. The cost is $72 per person. Additional and optional activities include an after-party in the hotel's sport bar (cash bar) and a private "rise and shine%94 breakfast buffet on Sunday morning (cost about $22). Please forward this me

450. mccluskeyjoan@yahoo.com - Jan 15, 2012
My parents Laurits Andersen and Margaret Murphy were married in Holy Family Church on February 9, 1925. Are there any records that I can access online?

449. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Dec 22, 2011
The time has arrived. The Holy Family All Reunion 2012 will be held on Saturday October 27, 2012 in the Holy Family Gym and have The Jersey Girls with their live band singing all the oldies that resonate with our hearts and uplift our spirit! See details on main webpage. Eric

448. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Dec 17, 2011
Dear Friends I want to wish all of you a very Merry and Blessed Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. I am leaving Southampton to move to Myrtle Beach S C next week, but I will definitely be at the next school reunion ! Lee Moorhead

447. Louise1111@optonline.net - Nov 23, 2011
ron08840@yahoo.com In response to your request, I have sent the info to your email address. Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48

446. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Nov 10, 2011
Thank you to all the veterans who served our country in war and in peace. A special thank you to those vets who were from Holy Family HS ....

445. ron08840@yahoo.com - Nov 10, 2011
I was trying to locate Dennis De Santis, class '67. Also keep me in the loop for a 2012 reunion. Ron Victoria

444. jimandlu308@aol.com - Oct 30, 2011
Could someone please inform me of the date and time and place of the next meeting of the HFHS Alumni Committee? It would be a help if you would please send response directly to my E-Mail as well as posting it here.

443. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Oct 23, 2011
a note on facebook from Patricia FitzMaurice Please say prayer for Tommy and Patricia (Shultz) Downs and their family, they just lost their 28 yr. old son suddenly. They attended Holy Family gramma and high school. This has got to be the most difficult thing any parent can go through. My heart goes out to them.

442. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Oct 13, 2011
Please note the passing of a 1948 grad, Ramona Adamson Barrese October 2011 R I P

441. csk1212@aol.com - Oct 10, 2011
Just wanted to let you all know that Dolores Kenny (Wyrzykowski) and William Kenny both of the class of '61 have passed away on 9/4/10 and 10/4/10 respectively.

440. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Sep 17, 2011
I am writing to let you know about the passing of James "Monk" McArdle, class of 1948 on Sept.14, 2011.... he was well liked, always smiling and very polite. I sent a note to classes of 47 48 and 49 as many knew him in those years. Lee

439. paladin27244@gmail.com - Sep 12, 2011
I live in North Carolina and can't be at any meetings but I am willing to help with possible phone calls in helping to plan a reunion for the class of '62. Is anyone else of like mind? 2012 will be 50 years since we attended school there. George Forrer,George Foley, and others I keep in contact with would come. Jim Chanas

438. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Sep 3, 2011
Another all school reunion is being planned for October 2012 so if anyone wants to join the committee please contact Eric Bal class of 1969

437. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Sep 3, 2011
Today myself, Gary (Ferrante '67) and Nancy (D'Elia Mateo '69) met with Holy Family Pastor,father Paco. A Holy Family Reunion Committee meeting is scheduled for Sunday October 16, 2011 at 11:30am at the Holy Family Rectory concerning having a reunion in the Fall of 2012. Father Paco is receptive to the idea of having the next reunion held in the Holy Family gym. Eric (Bal '67)

436. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Aug 16, 2011
I just want all of you who might be on facebook to know there is a group on facebook holy family high school union city nj where you can also connect with other grads of Holy Family. Also I am sick of those people who are using our website to post their businesses, like loans etc. They really have no right using a website that we are paying for. Lee Moorhead

435. Jimandlu308@aol.com - Aug 1, 2011
previous posting cut-off those alumni who may have to pick and choose among several reunions. Not to mention those maybe on a limited income. Thank you.

434. Jimandlu308@aol.com - Aug 1, 2011
My wife is a grad of Emerson HS, UC; Myself, HFHS Class of 1962. We have received informal word that her Emerson class is planning a reunion next year at the Landmark II in E. Rutherford. Their price per head will be $100. Rumor has it that HFHS may be planning either an "All-Class" reunion for 2012 AND / OR the Class of 1962, its 50th anniversary in 2012 We hope that the planners will keep in mind today's economy when looking for caterers, particularly for

433. beachkath1@aol.com - Jul 21, 2011
Please notify me if any other reunions are planned in the future. I graduated HFHS in 1965. Thank You!

432. jeg@hotmailcom - Jul 2, 2011
IsthePHOENIX rising???? Hqas it (The Phoenix) risen????? Are ther plans for anoter ALL SChool reunion????? Or aclass of 62 reunion . Foor the latter we can happily folow the footprints of the claSS OF 61 FOR INSIGHTS, DIRECTIONS, HINTS. kARL vOGT CALL jIM gREAVSE again AT 201 868 1823 aPOLOGIES FOR MISSING EARLER CONTACTS.

431. Louise1111@ptonline.net - Jun 29, 2011
Dear classmates in todays Record there was an announcement that Walter Duke class of '43 passed away. May he rest in peace. His wife is Rosemary Hoey class of 47. Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48

430. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Jun 11, 2011
Just wanted any of you who are on facebook to know there is a page dedicated to Holy Family... just go to FB and type in Holy Family School -- Union City NJ You will be directed to that page and will be able to read many interesting posts. There is also a page for Union City NJ for any of you who lived there too

429. bjmurph1@gmail.com - Jun 9, 2011
Hello HF friends, My name is Brian Murphy - graduate of HF grammar school 1969. I am still close with many of my grammar school friends, would be great to have a reunion sometime, as we are certainly getting older! FYI - I contacted Sr. Mary Elaine a few years ago - she is sill a Franciscan Sister - a wonderful person - she was my favorite teacher (6th grade). God bless!

428. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Jun 7, 2011
if anyone is on facebook, there is a group for holy family high school and a group for if you grew up in union city. Lots of new names are now on the holy family page and if we do another all school reunion we should try to include some of those who were still in grammar school when our high school closed. It would surely be a very big reunion once again.

427. iaperez6793@aol.com - Jun 6, 2011
Hello my fellow "Holy Family" Alumni! My name is "Arnaldo I. Perez" and I graduated in 1981. There are 2 teachers (and coach) that I am motivated to send a heartfelt "Hello" to. First, Mr. Kevin O'Brien, who was not only my teacher but my CYO Basketball coach for grades 6 thru 8. Also, my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Albanese. I have fond memories of both & would love to exchange an email or 2. I hope you are both well. Take care & God bless :-)

426. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Jun 3, 2011
It was announced in today's Bergen Record that Mrs. Anita Johnson passed away peacefully on May 29, 2011. She was 88 years old. For those of you old enough to remember her, she taught kindergarten at Holy Family for 35 years. May she rest in peace. on Tuesday

425. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - May 6, 2011

424. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Apr 18, 2011
I will be away by mid week and won't be back until May 1st, so sending my greeting out early. Please remember to say the rosary on Good Friday for the healing of this world, and hopefully the end of this war. I wish you a blessed Easter Lee Moorhead class of 48

423. UeDemps@AOL.com - Apr 3, 2011
Message already noted about my sister, Patricia Dempsey, graduated 1957.

422. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Mar 31, 2011
Patricia Ann Dempsey Michaels class of 1957 passed away March 30, 2011

421. vcmarano@gmail.com - Mar 30, 2011
Class of 1961 - Plans for the 50th year class reunion are underway. Join the celebration! Want to know who's coming? Email me at vcmarano@gmail.com (Virginia Ratti) and I'll send you a listing. It's going to be great!

420. jimandlu308@aol.com - Mar 28, 2011
Urgent that I contact Jim Greaves, Class of 1962, about any plans for a 50th Anniversary Class of '62 Reunion for next year. My efforts to call him on this have been unanswered. I have a class listing which I can send to Karl. Jim Greaves has my number. Jim Naughton.

419. karlvogt@comcast.net - Feb 26, 2011
Does anyone have information about a class reunion for the class of 1962? Karl Vogt

418. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Feb 26, 2011
Bob Nadler 64 68 Hutton Street W: Lorraine Jersey City NJ 07307 201-963-3231 passed away after a long battle with cancer December 2010 R I P

417. vcmarano@gmail.com - Feb 24, 2011
Class of 1961 - are you interested in a 50th year class reunion? Yes? email me at vcmarano@gmail.com

416. tfonseca43@yahoo.com - Feb 15, 2011

415. PINTERBONE@AOL.COM - Feb 7, 2011

414. peskys.gulfcoast@verizon.net - Feb 1, 2011
To HFHS alumni years 1959 thru 1962... the years pass more quickly, at least that's the way it seems, reunions for those grad years should be planned on a more frequent basis. While years since graduation have separated most of us by many miles, the anticipation of a reunion should be motivation enough for all those within those commencement years to once again renew friendships and recall memories of those more innocent(relatively)years. So let's begin the net

413. PINTERBONE@AOL.COM - Jan 30, 2011

412. gladys@powersolution.com - Jan 27, 2011
Barbara Breunig -class of 1949 passed away On January 12th.Plase keep her in your prayers - we were close friends from first grade.

411. ammaiuro13@verizon.net - Jan 26, 2011
I had to miss the 50th reunion of the class of 1960, but have received some messages and pix from others who attended. Thanks to all for your generosity! Hope to be there next time. Agnes Hampton Maiuro

410. PINTERBONE@AOL.COM - Jan 25, 2011

409. PINTERBONE@AOL.COM - Jan 24, 2011

408. pinterbone@aol.com - Jan 17, 2011

407. pinterbone@aol.com - Jan 16, 2011

406. jnrloeffler@verizon.net - Jan 4, 2011
From Joy Loeffler '62 - there are some great photos and comments on the Holy Family School FaceBook page. For those who haven't visited it yet, it's another place to enjoy memories about Holy Family.

405. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Jan 3, 2011
Thank you so much for all the positive response to my letter about the nuns in Peekskill, and many of you said you will remember them with donations during this season of giving.

404. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Jan 3, 2011
I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. May God shower many blessings upon all of you. Lee Moorhead

403. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Dec 20, 2010
Just wanted to let you know Mrs. Arnold Crabbe passed last week. Her wake was today and the funeral is tomorrow. Her son work for union City Board of Ed . One is a security guard and the other an Assistant Principal at union Hill Middle School Arnold was on our committe for the reunions until he passed away.

402. mjrodtre@optonline.net - Dec 9, 2010
I'm hoping this message is going to Pat Hunt's daughter. I was so saddened to hear of your mom's passing. I live in Spring Lake Heights and we usually drove to and from reunions together. We were emailing each other when she was in Hackensack Hospital and she was doing fairly well when I last spoke to her. I have been looking for your address so I could contact you but unable to find it. Please email me when you can. Marilane

401. jelg @hotmail.com - Dec 6, 2010
I hope I am using this mesage board appropriately. Tis afternoon I read in todays Jersey Journal of the passingof 2 people from the HF comunty. Eileen Steele class of 62 lsot her fater He wwill be buried from Houghton fumeral home jersey City tomoorrw morning at 10 am witha Mass at St annes Curcj kenedy Blvd Jersey city at11 am Eillen has her HF roots as weel as in the St annes community in JC as well as a Sty nicks connectuon as the wife of Roger Barr ST

400. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Nov 28, 2010
I hope everyone had a wonderful and bountiful Thanksgiving. Now it's time for leftovers and shopping! Here's wishing you a blessed Christmas and a very happy holiday season. Lee Moorhead

399. Louise1111@optonline.net - Nov 25, 2010
Wishing everyone a Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving. Giving thanks to "our" beloved Nuns & Priests from Holy Family. Don't forget we still keep the Master Listing updated. So send in any "new" finds and/or changes. Many thanks, Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48

398. a.nadler@xbp.dhs.state.nj.us - Nov 24, 2010
joe monti was swell to me and sold his education book to me thank you. JOE

397. jimandlu308@aol.com - Nov 22, 2010
My wife, Lu,and I wish all my fellow alumini of Holy Family High, especially the Great Class of 1962, a Wonderful Thanksgiving and a Very Merry and Blessed Christmas. JIM NAUGHTON, HFHS Class of 1962.

396. amayerg@aol.com - Oct 31, 2010
This information is somewhat "stale" but I thought it worth reporting: Two of my brothers died in 2009; Louis, class of 1932, died Sept 9,2009 and William, class of 1933, died October 25, 2009. William attended the gala reunion in 2000, all the way from Califonia, at age 84 ! George Mayer, '50

395. rayflysc@aol.com - Oct 25, 2010
pleaselet me know if any more reunions are in the works .and if any of my clasmates read this please give a fat old man a note. 75 and still alive

394. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Oct 7, 2010
please be aware of the passing of two members of the Class of ' 61? Bill Kenny died Oct 4 and his wife Dolores Wyrzykowski Kenny passed away this year also. Bill also returned to HF to teach Math & Science after college. Please keep them in your prayers.

393. jnrloeffler@verizon.net - Oct 1, 2010
I just realized that I didn't identify myself the other day in the message about Sr. Kevin's Jubilee. I'm Joy Linden Loeffler, class of 1962. With regard to question about the specific anniversary, I checked the article in the Franciscan Newsletter and it is not spelled out. I suspect that it would be the anniversary of taking her final vows, as up to that time, she is not officially a nun....right?

392. jelg@aol.com - Sep 29, 2010
Help me????? i have misplaced my Baltimore Catechism Does Sr kevin's jubilee celebrate the anni versary of her entance into the siterhood or the anniversaryof her taking her final vows??? i suspect the latter Wow Good clean livng reaps its reward berst to Sister

391. jnrloeffler@verizon.net - Sep 28, 2010
Luckily my brother sent me his copy of the Spring 2010 Franciscan Sisters Newsletter. I was probably dropped from their mailing list when I moved. Among the sisters shown celebrating their Jubilee was Sr. Kevin Dillon, who taught Latin at HF in the early 60's. On December 8, 2009 she celebrated her 70th Jubilee! The Newsletter also contains an essay by Sr. Kevin about her life's "Journey." She is now in residence at the Mother House at Mt. St. Francis in P

390. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Sep 25, 2010
I am sorry to notify you about the loss of Bernice Mulligan class of 71, who passed away this week. Bernice was on the last reunion committee and worked very hard to help make it a big success. Lee

389. Louise1111@optonlne.net - Sep 7, 2010
Louise Multini Amberg '47 played Veronica in the Passion Play during the 50's & 60's.

388. gladys@powersolution.com - Sep 7, 2010
For those who rememer Louise Multini Amberg I received word yesterday that she passed away yesterday morning. I have been in touch with her all these years. She was a beautiful person and so much a part of Holy Family. Please keep her in your prayers.

387. Louise1111@optonline.net - Jul 29, 2010
Eric the gym sounds like a good idea for the next reunion. Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48

386. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Jul 28, 2010
Thanks Eric for repairing the message board and getting it up and going again. Hope you have had a good summer so far Lee Moorhead

385. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Jul 27, 2010
I hope everyone's summer is going well. Here's some food for thought that I received from someone else: how about having the next reunion (in 2012) in the Holy Family High School gym? I'm confident that the pastor will accommodate our use of such a wonderful locale. Eric '67

384. jelg@aol.co - Apr 27, 2010
For those familair with Father Ives 2 more substantive obituaries appeared in the jersey Journal on Tuesday 4/27

383. jelg@aol.com - Apr 27, 2010
The jersey journal on monday 4/26 carried the announcemet of the passig of Monsignor Fredrick Eids. Monsignorhad been a priest at Holy Family Church during the 1940's. he is friens a numberof our fellow graduates and relative to others. Condlences to all. The announcementstated Fallia Funeral Home on Washinton St in Hoboken is handling the arrangements. Funeral mass will be at 11am Wed 4/28 at Our Lady of grace Church Hoboken

382. HFHReunion@aol.com - Apr 1, 2010
Happy Easter to All! Ann Finkel Paras '48

381. Wshalh5536@verizon.net - Feb 28, 2010
A great story about the late Joe Monti appered in today's Bergen Record check out the linkhttp://www.northjersey.com/obituaries/famous/Joseph_Monti_He_taught_history_and_also_invited_it_into_his_classroom.html

380. HFHReunion@aol.com - Feb 20, 2010
To the Class of '60: It is with sadness that I report Joseph Monti passed away around the 17th of February.

379. sambpoet@yahoo.com - Jan 29, 2010
FLASHING MY SHORTS, the new book by Sal Buttaci (HFHS 1959), was released today! To order a copy, go to http://www.allthingsthatmatterpress.com/buynow.htm

378. sambpoet@yahoo.com - Jan 26, 2010
From West Virginia where we now live, Sharon and I wish all of HFHS grads a good 2010! Sal Buttaci 1959 grad

377. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Jan 26, 2010
I hope that 2010 will be happier, healthier and more fulfilling than it was in 2009 for all of you. Let us pray for more prosperity in this country. We should all be so proud of how we responded to the tragedy in Haiti also. That's what makes America great..our generosity. Now let's start thinking about another reunion no later than 2014....I want to be around LOL love and light to all Lee Moorhead

376. hfhreunion@aol.com - Jan 3, 2010
Happy New Year! Hope it is a Happy, Healthy one for all.

375. jelg@aol.com - Dec 2, 2009
Do the last few messages mean that the new website is more compatable with expeditig image transfer easily e mail to e-mail .With minimal involvement and time investment by intermediaries. This new web tecnology will expedite / faciliate fulfillment of ongoing and outstanding requests for pictures from the 2008 reunion?

374. jimandlu308@aol.com - Nov 30, 2009
Thank you, Eric.

373. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Nov 29, 2009
Reply to Msg 372 about Msg 370: A website with a static ip address is an actual location on the internet, as opposed to websites that share an ip address and can't be reached directly without off internet processing. Hfreunion's ip is Type "" in your browser's url box and go to it. Eric

372. jimandlu308@aol.com - Nov 29, 2009
Regarding entry # 370. Query - WHAT DOES THAT MEAN ?

371. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Nov 28, 2009
If any photos of the October 18, 2008 reunion are emailed to me, I'll post them on the hfreunion website for all to see. Eric '67

370. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Nov 28, 2009
As of November 28, 2009, hfreunion has switched to a different, and better, web hosting provider. Hfreunion.org now has its own static ip address and thus takes it place as a peer among the nodes of the internet, as a citizen of Cyberspace! Eric '67

369. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Nov 28, 2009
Happy Thanksgiving one and all! Gary Ferrante, class of 67, suggests that our next reunion, if there be one, be held in the high school gym. He believes the Parish will cooperate, as do I. Just some food for thought. Eric '67

368. HFHReunion@aol.com - Nov 13, 2009
#367 Jelg@aol.com I tried to send you an email, there is no email at aol by that name. If you know the name of the priest I could check the obituaries and send a mass card. Ann Finkel Paras '48

367. Jelg @ aol.com - Nov 10, 2009
The Augustinain priest who was the Director of the Lady of guadaloupe center, the former HF school building, recently passes Maybe wiythin the last 15 days. He opened the buiding to us for tous etc. Ibelieve he himself may have conducted the tours during our reuions. Perhaps the Reunion Committe would consider sending a condolence note to the center and perhaps even amass card fo9r a mass at HF cchurch

366. HFHReunion@aol.com - Nov 5, 2009
Hi Everyone! Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving....I hope you are spending it with family and friends. Ann Finkel Paras

365. HFHReunion@aol.com - Oct 23, 2009
Happy Haloween everyone! Hope you are all well and enjoying the Fall season. Ann

364. vveltri@dc.rr.com - Aug 23, 2009
I've read requests for pictures from the last reunion and the suggestion that we contact any of our classmates who might have attended to get copies since they can't be posted here. This time, you didn't post a list of attendees either, so how would we know who these classmates might be???? If ANYONE has pictures, how can we view them????? Valerie Caruso '62

363. victor13@ptd.net - Aug 23, 2009
Looking for information on Merrie Gallup. I misplaced the info that I had and would like to contact her. Thanks

362. ckappy1@aol.com - Aug 23, 2009
I am the daughter of Patricia Mondello Hunt and I know that she was looking forward to attending your next reunion. It is with great sadness that I let you know that she lost her battle with Leukemia on August 3, 2009. I was looking through her yearbook and scrapbook and found this website saved as her "favorites" and knew she would want me to let the class of '60 know....Jennifer

361. jack.english@utas.edu.au - Aug 17, 2009
I am trying to make contact with Mary Capomaggi. If you know her contact details, please email me in Australia. Jack English

360. peskys.gulfcoast@verizon.net - Aug 10, 2009

359. HFHReunion@aol.com - Aug 1, 2009
Jan: This reunion is only for the class of '60. Ann

358. j2urban@roadrunner.com - Jul 27, 2009
Hi, Class of 1960 you found me. The up coming reunion is it for just our class or all classes? Just curious. Jan (Janice Kuntz) Urban

357. HFHReunion@aol.com - Jul 27, 2009
William T. Gleason '60 died March 5, 2009 in Tuckerton, NJ Ann Finkel Paras '48

356. Louise1111@optonline.net - Jul 23, 2009
Don: Good Luck with your upcoming reunion. I just sent the listing for your 1960 classmates. Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48

355. jelg@aol.com - Jul 18, 2009
In response to mesage 354. I am sad to say tat I learned Bill gleason passed sometime in early 2009. bill had been retired and living in south jersey. Jim greaves '62

354. dommiller@frontiernet.net - Jul 17, 2009
we are having a reunion for the class of 1960 we are trying to locate the following classmates. William Russell Oliver, Harold John Bella, Raymond Edward Dubois, Joseph John Pereira William John Gleason, Grace Millet, Catherine Supel Ryan, Hope Sebre Sinibaldi, Janice Kuntz Urban, Mary Franklin Hanford Chantal Rizo, Kathleen Gribbon Martin. If you can help us please email me donmiller@frontiernet.net Thanks Don Miller

353. holyfamily - Jul 8, 2009
sorry, I wrote brother in error, he was her cousin. Lee

352. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Jul 8, 2009
so sorry to hear about Peter Finkel, class of 1950. He was the brother of my co-chair Ann Finkel Paras when we did the 2000 reunion. God bless him. Lee

351. HFReunion@aol.com - Jul 7, 2009
A note to let you know that my cousin Peter Finkel '50 passed away June 25th. Ann Finkel Paras '48


349. artnsoul2@msn.com - Apr 24, 2009
re 348, go to Union Hill page on Classmates. photos and discussion.

348. famash@optonline.net - Apr 19, 2009
I've been looking for info about Holthausen's Dept store and this site listed it???

347. HFHReunion@aol.com - Apr 13, 2009
You can't view the photos for 2008 because there are none posted. Maybe you should contact your class members that attended the reunion, they might have photos. Ann

346. ol-arno@.no - Apr 12, 2009
Happy Easter

345. kcolbert77068@live.com - Apr 4, 2009
I can't view the 2008 photoes either, and I haven't received a response to my message. Kathy J. Brennan, '64

344. vveltri@dc.rr.com - Apr 4, 2009
Is it just my computer, or is anyone else having trouble accessing the photos??? I have no trouble looking at the photos from the previous reunion. I also don't see an answer to the previous e-mail from Kathy and I, too, am curious.

343. kcolbert77068@live.com - Mar 21, 2009
I was unable to attend the last reunion, how can I get the DVD and how much does it cost? Kathy J. Brennan, class '64

342. HFReunion@aol.com - Mar 19, 2009
I received the DVD. I opened it immediately and watched it for the 50 minutes. I enjoyed seeing those I knew and those I didn't know. Thank you.

341. HFHReunion@aol.com - Mar 16, 2009
Eric: I am sure Fr. Paco was delighted to receive the check for $2000. The photos are very nice of the group. Thanks for posting them. Looking forward receiving the DVD. Ann Finkel Paras

340. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Mar 16, 2009
Hi everyone! I'm pleased to announce that, finally, the video DVDs of the reunion were mailed out today, after yesterday's reunion committee meeting where we addressed, stuffed and sealed the packages. Also included in the mailings is an extra item decided upon by the committee. I'd tell you what it is but that would spoil the surprise! I expect all will enjoy this wonderful video memory. Eric

339. peskys.gulfcoast@verizon.net - Feb 28, 2009
Any update as to when 2008 reunion photos will be posted on this site? TF Pescatore '59

338. HFHReunion@aol.com - Feb 28, 2009
Is there any update on the DVD's? Tomorrow if March 1st. Ann Finkel Paras

337. abbadie@msn,com - Feb 22, 2009
Answer to Message #336 Sorry, this is the web site for Holy Family High School, Union City, New Jersey Hope you find what you are looking for.

336. lundoner@hotmail.com - Feb 17, 2009
can you tell me is this the Holy Family High School from Long Island

335. clonshee @yahoo.com - Feb 16, 2009
please please tell us, when will the pics (dvd) from the reunion get mailed??? I'd like to see them while I can still remember who's who. Peggy Hogger Roycraft '66

334. peskys.gulfcoast@verizon.net - Feb 14, 2009
332 was referring to website photos a la 2004 reunion

333. jelg@aol.com - Feb 9, 2009
Does message 332 refer to the dvds produced for sale or individual's photos submitted to be viewed on the website???

332. peskys.gulfcoast@verizon.net - Feb 7, 2009
So where are the reunion photos? Seems like 4 months is ample time. CVS destroy the memory stick? T.F.Pescatore,'59

331. jnrloeffler@verizon.net - Jan 15, 2009
Sorry to see there were no additional comments about the school tour. I have so many good memories of the rooftop dances and I met some younger graduates who did the tour and were so impressed and happy to renew their memories. Maybe because I lived in the neighborhood and attended dances with our friends from Union Hill and St.Michaels.

330. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Jan 12, 2009
Hi we heard from the committee members who are creating the DVDs and power point cd and I understand they will be ready in about another week. Meantime I have lots of photos I would love to share on here from the reunion. If a place can be set up on this page for pictures I will be glad to post them. Lee Moorhead

329. vveltri@dc.rr.com - Jan 3, 2009
Since I could not attend the reunion, I have been looking forward to seeing some pictures. Will they ever be posted? Also, any further news on Sr. Kevin's health??? Thanks! Valerie Caruso '62

328. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Jan 2, 2009
I wish you all a very happy New Year, may you all be healthy, prosperous and blessed. What would make my new year much happier is if I received the DVD of our reunion, it has been 2 1/2 months, long enough to make so many copies. What's up??

327. HFHReunion@aol.com - Jan 1, 2009
Happy, Healthy New Year to All! Ann Finkel Paras '48

326. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Dec 19, 2008
p.s. the holiday would be much happier if I could receive the DVD of our high school reunion this past October 18th. Hope Santa did not lose it LOL Lee

325. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Dec 19, 2008
I would like to take the opportunity here on our message board to wish the many friends I have made over the past 8 yrs and while in high school, a very Merry and Blessed Christmas and a new year filled with peace, love and security. Most of all, with the love of God and the protection of your angels. Lee Moorhead class of 1948

324. artnsoul2@msn.com - Dec 7, 2008
'Sounds like the reunion was another success. Congrats to all. If there is a site where pictures are posted, please post link here. 'Love to see them. Joni (Capomaggi) Scrivani '63

323. jnrloeffler@verizon.net - Dec 1, 2008
Thanks to all those who worked so hard to make the reunion another success. It was great to see the "regulars" from the Class of '62 who have been been attending the reunions. There were fewer, but we got to really talk and enjoy the evening. I'm really sorry that we did not come early enough to take the EXTENSIVE tour that was offered this year. Last reunion, we were limited to the lunchroom and the gym. I heard they went to the roof this year. Bummer! T

322. Jimandlu308@aol.com - Nov 28, 2008
Dear Ann: Thank you very much for giving me Diane's phone number. It is very much appreciated. Thanks again, Lu

321. HFHReunion@aol.com - Nov 27, 2008
In answer to Lu Naughton, Diane Dynes phone number is: 201-836-2954. Ann Finkel Paras So glad you enjoyed the reunion!

320. Jimandlu308@aol.com - Nov 25, 2008
This is Lu Naughton, again. Now I remember. I said goodbye to you and I asked you what your last name was and I thought you said Dines. I thought you said Ridgefield Park and that you were in the book.

319. Jimandlu308@aol.com - Nov 24, 2008
I am looking forward to hearing from you either by email or this message board. If you don't have a computer, I hope somebody will see this message and get in touch with you.

318. Jimandlu308@aol.com - Nov 24, 2008
Also to the Reunion Committee, I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful time. You all did a magnificent job. I was also very impressed with the decorations. Again I hope, Diane you will see this message and respond.

317. Jimandlu308@aol.com - Nov 24, 2008
Jim said your maiden name is Eisenburg. If you see this message, please respond to it as I would like to get in touch with you. I guess you would see our email address when this comes up on the screen.

316. Jimandlu308@aol.com - Nov 24, 2008
I thought when I asked what your last name was, you said Dine something but when I put it in, nothing came up. I can't remember what you said but again I think it was Dine something.

315. Jimandlu308@aol.com - Nov 24, 2008
The reason I haven't gotten back to you is this house keeps me busy and I haven't had time to go on this message board. You told me that you live in Ridgefield or Ridgefield Park and that you were in the telephone book.

314. Jimandlu308@aol.com - Nov 24, 2008
This is Lu Naughton, Jim Naughton's wife. This message is for Diane who sat at our table. I hope that you have a computer and also the Internet and you see this message. I told you that I would keep in touch before we left the reunion.

313. Jimandlu308@aol.cpm - Nov 24, 2008
Again, I am just testing this message board. I will AGAIN type my message later.

312. jimandlu308@aol.com - Nov 24, 2008
I am just testing this message board as I just typed in a message and was told access was denied.

311. HFHReunion@aol.com - Nov 15, 2008
Eric and Tom: We are all anxiously awaiting the DVD's purchased at the reunion. Any news? Also are any photos going to be posted on this site. Ann Finkel Paras

310. jelg44@aol.com - Oct 27, 2008
best time to reach jim greaves sun thru thursday nights after 6pm and before 9 pm Sunday afternoons after 4 pm and before 9 pm jim '62

309. jelg44@aol.com - Oct 27, 2008
Disregard e mail address Required to enter this message board. Used siolely to get in to message board by jim greaves call me at 201 868 1823 talk direct to me or leave message on my machine jinm greaves 62

308. jimandlu308@aol.com - Oct 26, 2008
We are trying to contact Committee Member Jim Greaves, Class of 62, but his (presumed) E-mail address, jelg44@aol.com, comes up as unknown. Can anyone offer a solution to this puzzle? Thanks. The Reunion, by the way, was Absolutely Terrific!!!!!!! Kudoes to ALL!!!!!!

307. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Oct 22, 2008
Any photos that are sent to me by email or regular mail, will be posted on the reunion website. Eric '67

306. rfrech@optonline.net - Oct 22, 2008
There were a lot of photos taken at the reunion but several people were asking how they could get a copy of them. Is anything going to be communicated in this respect? Ray

305. holyfamilyhs - Oct 20, 2008
I received sad news today about Arnold Crabbe, class of '46. He was someone that everyone admired...worked hard on all 3 reunions and always had a smile on his face. Arnold passed away in the early morning hours so please keep him in your prayers. Lee Moorhead

304. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Oct 20, 2008
I just want to say that the reunion was wonderful. It was great connecting with old friends, espeically my classmates and my cousins who went to H F too. We had a great time and Scheutzen Park did a fabulous job with the food and drinks, and the committee members who did the decorations should be thanked also .. and thanks for the powerpoint display. I wish everyone could have attended ! I will send some of our photos to Eric to put on this website. I am still

303. edjeanbuja@comcast.net - Oct 17, 2008
continues from 302.. went to but alas the hotel just didn't want to be bothered. After that we tried Hotels.com They would book a room on Saturday night for $161(AARP discount)so somebody was lying to us about being filled up for that night. I wonder who???

302. edjeanbuja@comcast.net - Oct 17, 2008
To Jelg@aol.com On this past Tuesday we tried to book a room at the hampton Inn and was told that there was no such arrangements for Holy Family reunion group and when we asked to speak to the Manager we were told they were all filled up for that evening, We really believe that this gal was just trying to put us off and didn't want to deal with the situation. So we went over to the Crown Plaza and booked a room there. We appreciated all the trouble that you

301. JELG@AOL.COM - Oct 17, 2008
it seems few indivials availd themselves of the Hampton Inn secauucs rates. The opporunity for a 129.00 rate has lapsed due to minimal interst and a shrinking inventory of rooms at te hotel due to growing reservations from general public. Rate has increased to 189.00

300. Louise1111@optonline.net - Oct 16, 2008
Thanks to Marie Muller Abbadie '54, she is picking up Patricia Cummings '41. Louise

299. Louise1111@optonline.net - Oct 16, 2008
Thanks to Marie Muller Abbadie '54, she is picking up Patricia Cummings '41. Louise

298. HFHReunion@aol.com - Oct 15, 2008
#297, 295 & 291 I sent them an email with the list of their classmates who are attending the reunion. Ann Finkel Paras

297. mcsidoti@cox.net - Oct 14, 2008
Can anyone give me an update who is going from the class of 72? I would appreciate this as well. Thanks in advance. Irene

296. rfrech@optonline.net - Oct 14, 2008
Jim, thanks for the follow up. I'll remind tham when I check in. Thanks again, Ray

295. sillygirl101044@yahoo.com - Oct 14, 2008
Can anyone give me an update who is going from the class of 62. I would appreciate it. Thank you.

294. JELG@AOL.COM - Oct 14, 2008

293. JELG@AOL.COM - Oct 14, 2008

292. rfrech@optonline.net - Oct 13, 2008
Well, I tried to book at the Hampton Inn at Secaucus and they knew nothing about a special rate, I used all the names mentioned in the post but to no avail. Booked it anyway at $179.00, probably should have had an special number. Ray

291. vjordan51@comcast.net - Oct 12, 2008
Who from the class of 1968 is going to the reunion?

290. nanamomo2 @aol.com - Oct 12, 2008
You can also contact Pat Cummings sister,Maureen at her email address nanamomo2@aol.com

289. Louise1111@optonline.net - Oct 10, 2008
Need a ride for Patricia Cummings '42 Her address is 189 Forest Ave, Paramus Telephone #201-262-1853. Can someone please help? Thanks, Louise Aiello Iannantuano

288. jelg@aol.com - Oct 6, 2008
For your information. The Hampton Inn Secaucus at 250 Harmon Meadow boulevard is offering those attending the HF Reunion a special rate of $129.00 plus tax for any room on the nights of Thursday, friday or Saturday, Oct 16 thru 18th. Included is a complimentary breakfast. If anyone elects to make a reservation there remind the staff that the General manager Arelis erlate has negotiated that rate for HF Reunion Attendees with Jim Greaves. The Hampton is abo

287. beachkath1@aol.com - Oct 2, 2008
Hi, I am from the class of '65. I'm wondering if it's too late to attend the reunion Oct. 18, 08 at Schuetzen Park. Has anyone from my class signed up! My name is Kathy Petersen Politowski. My yearbook noted "usually seen absent". I went to my last reunion with a broken ankle. I look forward to dancing at this reunion. Thanks!

286. Louise1111@optonline.net - Oct 1, 2008
Ann: Verizon is .net not .com Louise

285. HFHReunion@aol.com - Oct 1, 2008
#282 TF Pescatore I sent you the names of those attending from the class of '59 but the message was returned twice as unknown. Please send an email to HFHReunion@aol.com and I will send the list.

284. HFHReunion@aol.com - Sep 30, 2008
I sent the list of those attending from the class of '59 to #282, TF Pescatore. Ann

283. knwent@msn.com - Sep 29, 2008
how many from the class of 1958 will be attending? Is there a list available? Walter Raine 1958

282. peskys.gulfcoast@verizon.com - Sep 29, 2008
Can you furnish an updated list of those from the class of '59 who will be attending. TF Pescatore

281. HFHReunion@aol.com - Sep 28, 2008
Some of the grads are staying at the: Crown Plaza-TWO Harmon Plaza - Secaucus, NJ 07094 Phone 201-210-7101 The cost is around $159. Maybe you should tell them you are attending our reunion. Ann Finkel Paras

280. jimandlu308@aol.com - Sep 28, 2008
the Days Inn. I also wanted to thank The Committee for finding us a ride and also thank the gentleman who is taking us home. We are looking forward to seeing you at The Reunion.

279. jimandlu308@aol.com - Sep 28, 2008
Hi, this is Lu, Jim Naughton's wife. I just wanted to answer the question about the hotels. Union City itself doesn't have any hotels but there is a hotel in Lincoln Harbor. When you go into Lincoln Harbor, there is a hotel on your right. Lincoln Harbor is the development by the Lincoln Tunnel, hence the name Lincoln Harbor. There is also another hotel as you are coming up from Route 3. It used to be the Holiday Inn, now it is, I think, called the Days In

278. jimandlu308@aol.com - Sep 27, 2008
Just 3 weeks to go. Excitement is building! Can anyone tell me if the "special" Mass at H.F. Church at 4pm on 10/18 counts as meeting the weekend Mass obligation for us church-goers? THANKS. Jim, Class of 62.

277. jnrloeffler@verizon.net - Sep 25, 2008
Starting to look for hotel accomodations close to Union City. What are the suggestions?

276. bstinch@aol.com - Sep 25, 2008
My name is Vi VanTyle Stassfurth and I belong to the class of '65. I've lived in Ohio since I left N.J. for college. I had lost contact with my old buddies, but have reconnected with a few in the past year. I would love to know more about what's happened to folks and would love to be updated on any H.F. events happening if possible. Thanks so much. Vi

275. HFHReunion@aol.com - Sep 21, 2008
I sent Joanna Romano Schmidhauser the list of those attending from the class of '64. Ann Finkel Paras

274. rschmidhauser@comcast.net - Sep 19, 2008
Hi I'm Joanna Romano Schmidhauser from the class of 64 and together with my friend Michele Felice Ippolito want to know how many of our classmates are attending. Thanks

273. tombro1414@yahoo.com - Sep 19, 2008

272. tombro1414@yahoo.com - Sep 12, 2008

271. jfudurich04@comcast.net - Sep 11, 2008
Is anyone driving up from South Jersey, Toms River or Cherry Hill area? Joyce (LoRicco)Fudurich '66

270. jnrloeffler@verizon.net - Sep 8, 2008
Sorry to say that Terry Wuetschner Weil and her husband, Joe, will not be attending the reunion. Terry and her grandkids visited the U.S. this past June and had a great time. We were pleased to have them visit us (and they also visited Megina). But, they have some health issues now. They are so sorry they cannot be with our classmates, and so are we! It won't be the same without them!

269. HFHReunion@aol.com - Sep 2, 2008
I sent emails to #268 of those attending from the class of '60 to Pat and #267 for the class of '62 to Maureen of those attending. Please call your classmates and encourage them to send in their checks! Ann Finkel Paras

268. phunt@sabert.com - Sep 1, 2008
Anyone from the class of "60 attending? Pat Mondello Hunt

267. sillygirl101044@yahoo.com - Aug 31, 2008
Anyone have a list of who is attending the reunion from the class of 62? Maureen Drennan Lonergan

266. dinga1946@aol.com - Aug 27, 2008
hi everyone-so glad this reunion is taking place. cant wait to see everyone again! celeste sodano auriemma

265. jimandlu308@aol.com - Aug 26, 2008
Replying to # 264. Hi, Joy and Terry. I remember you both well. My wife, Lu, and I will be on hand to help represent the Class of 1962. Our check is in the mail. Jim Naughton. (Do you remember me?)

264. jnrloeffler@verizon.net - Aug 26, 2008
Just reading over the messages. Have already bought tickets for Terry Wuetschner Weil and myself (and our husbands). Anyone else from '62 signed up? We are still keeping in touch with some from HF Grammar and encouraging them to come. We spent 8 years with many and 12 with some. Joy Linden Loeffler

263. c.feasenmyer36@sbcglobal.net - Aug 26, 2008
Hi All - Looks like this last spinal surgery was a success and I am able to get around again so I plan on attending this reunion. Anyone from the class of "54 signed up yet? Thanks to the committee for all their efforts!!! Cathy Feasenmyer Goolsby

262. HFHReunion@aol.com - Aug 25, 2008
I sent Donna the names of those attending from the class of '64. Ann Finkel Paras '48

261. donnafalk@comcast.net - Aug 22, 2008
Is anyone from the class of '64 planning to attend? Donna Gracey Falk

260. tombro1414@yahoo.com - Aug 22, 2008

259. tombro1414@yahoo.com - Aug 19, 2008

258. tombro1414@yahoo.com - Aug 18, 2008

257. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Aug 18, 2008
Dear Bob Calzaretta I have a list of your classmates, perhaps you can make calls to them about attending. A lot of people from various classes have done this and it has been successful Look for my mail to you with the list. Lee Moorhead comm.member

256. rcalzare@aol.com - Aug 18, 2008
I'm from the Class of 52. I live in Spring Lake now. Are there any 52's signed up for the reunion? Is Pinky & Janet Flaherty or Gabe & Delores Russo of 51 attending? What about Mike Quinlan or Sally Heinzman? For what ever its worth I still have the yearbooks for 1948 through 1952. Let me hear back from you all. Thanks Bob Calzaretta

255. tombro1414@yahoo.com - Aug 14, 2008

254. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Aug 11, 2008
Thomas "Tim" Regan '66 508 5th Avenue South w.saundra butchcsidy@aol.com North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 this is for Victor13@pdt.com

253. HFHReunion@aol.com - Aug 10, 2008
Fred Thalman '61, phone number 817-599-4585. 808 Andi Way Weatherford, TX 76086-4583 Ann

252. victor13@pdt.com - Aug 10, 2008
Brophy I'll be there. Tim Regan where are you?? Class of '66 needs to beard from.

251. louiela@verizon.net - Aug 10, 2008
I am a member of the Class of '61 and I am trying to locate the address and phone # of Fred Thalman in my class. Our last info indicated he was in Texas. That's all I know. Can you help me?

250. jimandlu308@aol.com - Aug 4, 2008
Okay! Okay! You all can stop looking. We're the Little Ferry, NJ couple that needed a ride home from the Reunion - and - thanks to the Committee and others, we found one. So, Jim and Lu will see you all there. Thanks to everyone who took an interest.

249. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Aug 3, 2008
Glad with a joint effort we were able to secure a ride for one of the grads who lives in little ferry, now I am hoping we can get a ride for another who lives near the G W Bridge! Thanks for all the phone calls you made to make this happen Lee

248. holyfamilyhs - Jul 31, 2008
If anyone is coming to the reunion from the little ferry area of NJ, please let us know. We have a couple who can get to the reunion, but would have difficulty getting back home that night. Please just post your name and email address and I will pass it on to them. On another note, one of the grads singled out 3 of us on the committee, but I must tell you all that everyone on the committee has been doing their part and the whole committee should be thanked fo

247. Louise1111@optonline.net - Jul 28, 2008
RE:Message 244 - Florence Van Dolder Natalie's address got cut off because of length. It is: fnatalie@reipropertymanagement.net Can someone help her out? Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48

246. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Jul 27, 2008
Hi Jean - I called the telephone number that we have for Paul Johnson, class of 1946, and spoke to his current wife who is not Monica Fisher. His current wife told me that they have been married for 48 years and have no idea where Paul's first wife Monica is now. Eric, committee member (class of '67)

245. edjeanbuja@comcast.net - Jul 24, 2008
My name is Jean Kearney Buja. class of 1948 and may be someone can help me find an address e-mail or telephone number for Monica Fisher also of the class of 1948. She and I were friends at school and we both worked at Metropolitan Life Insurance Company in NYC. I believe she married Paul Johnson class of '46 or '47. Maybe someone may have some ideas.

244. fnatalie@reipropertymanagement.n - Jul 21, 2008
I am Florence Natalie (Van Dolder)graduating class of 1942. I live in CT now and am looking for help to get to the reunion in October. Anyone living near or around the Danbury area or the George Washington Bridge area please contact me.

243. mabaskinger@comcast.net - Jul 20, 2008
Hi to all especially Class of '61, I will not be at the reunion as I will be in Florida for Sepetember and October. Have a great time! Sincerely, Mary Ann Poandl Baskinger

242. Louise1111@optonline.net - Jul 16, 2008
If anyone is attending the reunion that comes from Forest Hills, Rego Park or Kew Gardens, NY, please let me know. We have a classmate that needs a ride. Thanks, Louise Aiello Iannantuano'48

241. jimandlu308@aol.com - Jul 14, 2008
Happy to see the website up and running again. I believe that such good souls as Louise Iannantuano, Lee Moorhead and Eric Bal (none of which I know or remember) should be especially singled out and honored at the next reunion for all their hard work and good efforts. AMEN?

240. Louise1111@optonline.net - Jul 13, 2008
Our committee meeting went well today. Things are moving along. Be sure to contact your classmates and remind everyone to get their checks in. Also remind them to log into this Website to see what's happening. Thanks, Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48

239. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Jul 9, 2008
Just wanted folks to know that Scheutzen Park is equipped and handicapped accessible. I remembered this after reading the message from Susan Kaetz, and having had communication with another grad who is wheelchair bound. Lee Moorhead 1948

238. soozdev@comcast.net - Jul 8, 2008
Stroke... Post-stroke - 4 year 1969 Susan Dever Kaetz

237. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Jul 5, 2008
the end of this message....... they are registering at crown plaza in secaucus also. I hope you all had a wonderful July 4th and that you are also enjoying the rest of our country's birthday party this weekend. Lee Moorhead comm. member

236. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Jul 5, 2008
Hi everyone So glad this site is back up and running...Eric Bal really worked hard to do this for us. My message to all of you is that if you know anyone coming in from out of town, one of our grads found a good deal at: Crown Plaza TWO Harmon Plaza Secaucus,N.J. 07094 Phone 201-210-7101 and this was his cost $ 159 or with breakfast $ 179 I will be staying there and a few people I know who are coming from overseas to be at the reunion are registering

235. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Jul 4, 2008
In the course of moving files around in the effort to get the site back up, the message board data file was accidentally overwritten with an older one that only had messages up to Feb 24, 2008. The loss of our messages from Feb to June 2008 is sad! If anyone saved the more recent message board webpage on their hard drive as an htm file then please let me know. Eric '67

234. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Jul 4, 2008
It appears that the Holy Family Reunion website is fully functional again since it went down when our web hosting company changed webservers. It took many hours on the phone with their support and many more hours of trial and error to discover the new quirky url and file addressing differences. Please let me know if you find any problems with the site. Welcome back!! Eric '67

233. paulkirdahy@hotmail.com - Feb 24, 2008
Dear sister Bridget Dad had Brain surgeory yesterday I have missed you we are friends please pray for him God hates me because I did not become a priest and my ex stole from me and dad call me 301 729 1120 tell me your alright and pray for Dad because I know he believed in you and him and both created sienna house that's why I once believed in wishing wells but the more I do the more I get hurt just pray for Dad my best friend me I should be gone tomorrow

232. buttashar@aol.com - Feb 19, 2008
all. And the girls there that I fell in love with every other day like Pat McIntyre and Honey Dahl and Priscilla Eyerman. And the fun I had working on the school newspaper and yearbook. And how I saw back then great things for an America free of wars and economic problems.

231. buttashar@aol.com - Feb 19, 2008
memories take place within those high-school walls. I can still see Nickie Monetenegro, Bob Muh, and Eddie Maiuro laughing over something funny. And wonderful Sister Augusta teaching English and looking like one of those visionary saints whose eyes reflect ecstasy. And Mrs. Kane telling me I was a good boy but just a little bit too highstrung. Of course, I took offense until I looked up the word "highstrung" in the dictionary and found it wasn't insulting at

230. buttashar@aol.com - Feb 19, 2008
I am so happy there will be another reunion of HFHS grads! I know that each time we attended the previous two, it was like floating on air for me. I made many mistakes in my life, but attending HFHS was not one of them. I remember my father saying to me, "I would be much easier to go to Lyndhurst High School instead of taking the bus twice a day to go to Holy Family." But I told him I was up to the sacrifice and he let me attend there. Some of my most pleasant

229. peskys.gulfcoast@verizon.net - Feb 18, 2008
Any evidence of or plans for a Florida HFHS Alumni Association Chapter? T. Pescatore '59

228. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Feb 18, 2008
Hi Just want to know where to send my $70 for the ticket to our reunion at Scheutzen Park in october. Am really looking forward to seeing all of you again. I would like to send it in advance to give you money to work with for stamps , printings etc. or whatever you can use it for. Perhaps others might feel the same way.... Peace and love to all Lee Moorhead

227. artnsoul2@msn.com - Jan 6, 2008
Wanted to alert you all to a great site which is part of NJ.com http://www.nj.com/forums/unioncity/index.ssf It is a very friendly place to share your memories of old Union City. The people who post there are respectful, fun and knowledgeable. Joni Scrivani ('63)

226. jelg44@aol.com - Dec 21, 2007
For those HF grads who attended Sts. Peter and Paul Grammar School in Hoboken. An obit apperaerd in the Jersey journal this past week announcing the passing of the Rev Charles Herr. Ftr Herr served his entire priesthood at St. P and P from the late 40's til the early 90's.

225. artnsoul2@msn.com - Dec 20, 2007
Merry Christmas everyone and hope all your dreams come true in the new year. Joni Capomaggi Scrivani '63

224. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Dec 15, 2007
I just want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and blessed New Year. And much luck to the new committee, I am sure our reunion Oct.18th at Scheutzen Park will be a huge success. Keep up the good work. God Bless you all Lee Moorhead

223. artnsoul2@msn.com - Dec 3, 2007
FYI I started and am constantly updating a photo gallery of old Union City on the HFH page of Classmates. You don't have to be a member to view it--go to Vintage UC pix on photos page. Enjoy! Joni Scrivani '63

222. jelg62@aol.com - Nov 29, 2007
The Reunion committee meeting has been rescheduled for Sunday, Jan 13th, at 2 :00 PM at the Lyceum..... Correct?????

221. tmolnar1@earthlink.net - Nov 27, 2007
Message 220 was a little too long and my identity was cut off. Tony Molnar 1956

220. tmolnar1@earthlink.net - Nov 27, 2007
A friend of mine passed along the link below regarding Union Hill and Emerson. The 2007 Thanksgiving day game was the final game as the two schools will be merged into one new high school which will be called Union City High School. The new school will be located on the Roosevelt Stadium site opening next year. Interestingly enough this was the 89th game and Union Hill won. The series ended with each school winning 40 games and 9 ties. www.newsday.com/news/l

219. abbadie@msn.com - Nov 21, 2007
I went to the 150th closing Mass at Holy Family. It was a special ceremony done in English & Spanish. Con-celebrated Mass with 2 bishops and numerous priests. It was worth going. The Church has been redecorated and is now very light not dark as we knew it. Church was packed. Any questions e-mail me. Marie Muller Abbadie '54

218. HFHReunion@aol.com - Nov 17, 2007
If anyone is attending the closing ceremony tomorrow Nov. 18 will they please post your impression of the celebration on this board. If any photos are taken maybe they could be sent to Eric for posting. I wish I could be there but I will be there in spirit. My grandfather was a member in 1890. Ann Finkel Paras

217. jeg@aol.com - Nov 16, 2007
AQre any alumni planning to attend the mass celebrating the closing of the anniversary for Holy Family Parish/Church this Sunday, Nov.18th?

216. jeg@aol.com - Nov 15, 2007
Is the next planned meeting of the Reunion Committee Sunday, December 2nd?

215. jeg@aol.com - Nov 15, 2007
Is the next planned meeting of the Reunion Committee Sunday

214. jtesta@gnhcc.com - Nov 6, 2007
I have received the following information regarding the condlusion of the celebration of Holy Family's 150 Anniversary Celebration. On November 18, 2007 Holy Family Church will officially close a year of celebration marking its 150th year of service to the Catholic community of the North Hudson Area. During this special anniversary the parish celebrated its heritage with pride and gratitude and prepared for its future with faith and joy. Since your life has in

213. ferrantegary@yahoo.com - Oct 27, 2007
Holy Family was a special place. I am on the reunion committee for the first time and looking foward to help making this a successful reunion. Your high school years were probably 4 of your best years in your life, so come and relive and enjoy with friends and family. gary f

212. Louise1111@optonline.net - Oct 25, 2007
To All: There is a full page article in this week's Advocate (10/24) about our beloved Holy Family Church commemorating 150 years. Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48

211. artnsoul2@msn.com - Oct 22, 2007
So happy a new reunion is planned! Will be leaving for Naples FL beginnng of Nov. returning in May. Hope everyone is well and happy. Looking forward to seeing everyone again. Joni (Capomaggi) Scrivani '63

210. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Oct 19, 2007
This is to report that we have reserved Schuetzen Park's main hall for Saturday October 18, 2008 for the next reunion. It will have the same buffet and wine, beer and soda as the last time, with a cash bar open until 1:00AM. Invitations should be sent out in early spring 08. Eric 67'

209. jimandlu308@aol.com - Oct 16, 2007
This is Jim Naughton, HFHS Class of 1962. I would like to kept informed of all alumni activities especially upcoming reunions, at my e-mail address, and also to hear from old friends. Thanks to my life-long buddy, Jimmy Greaves, also of 62, who gave me this website. GO HOLY FAMILY FOREVER!

208. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Oct 12, 2007
#207, is that .com or .org?? Please write and let us know, and thanks for the update. Lee Moorhead

207. ludite@nbusa - Oct 8, 2007
the hf reunion committee met sun 10/7 . proposed next meeting date for committee is sunday 12-2 at between 2 and 230pm at the lycem across fron hf church in union city. more committe partcipants are welome and invited.

206. barb.fitz@gmail.com - Sep 30, 2007
My sister, Kathleeen Fitzgerald, graudated in 1962 and she would like to get in touch with Mary Capomaggi. Please send me an e-mail if you get this message, and I will put you in touch with her. Thanks.

205. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Sep 29, 2007
The reunion committee meeting will take place at the lyceum in Union City ( right near the church) on October 7 at 2:30 pm. Again, if anyone lives locally and wants to attend the meeting, just show up. Lee Moorhead

204. DianeZ823@msn.com - Sep 28, 2007
Wish more people had attended. You can reach me on myspace same email address.

203. eclairwee@hotmail.com - Sep 28, 2007
My name is Elizabeth "Claire" Kelly, I did not have the pleasure of graduating from Holy Family High School, as the school closed prior to my graduation date. My sister was in the last graduating class, which I believe was 1971. Margaret Kelly is my sister.

202. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Sep 27, 2007
Greetings I have contacted the reunion committee to see if a meeting can take place in the next few weeks to determine if there will be another reunion, and if so, the date and once I know that I will let everyone on my email list have the info. If anyone lives near union city the meeting will take place at the lyceum I believe on sunday oct 7 at 2:30. The more who attend the better, more hands make light work...or so the nuns told us .... have a wonderful day

201. ewinche@nac.net - Sep 23, 2007

200. goodtimesatholyfamily@yahoo.com - Aug 20, 2007
Please contact me if you attended Holy Family school anytime during the 1980s. I'm trying to organize a reunion for those of us who attended this school in the 80s. Thank you, Joel Glez, what would have been class of 1987

199. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Jul 29, 2007
So happy to hear that we have plans to meet in Sept. at the Lyceum in Union City, and if there are any other grads who live nearby, please contact us so we can give you the exact date. We can use all the help you can give. And congrats to Eric Bal and Gary Ferrante, nice to see the "young ones" carrying the torch!! Lee Moorhead class of 48

198. Louise1111@optonline.net - Jul 24, 2007
Good News for All!!! Plans are in the works for a 2008 Reunion. Eric Bal & Gary Ferrante will be carrying the ball. Our first committee meeting will be at the Lyceum in September '07. Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48

197. holyfamilyhs@aol.com - Jul 24, 2007
Just looking in to say hello , below is my new email address and hope to hear from my friends and relatives who attended Holy Family. Now let's get things started for another reunion perhaps in 2008. Have a great rest of the summer all.

196. gabrieldemartin@aol.com - Jul 23, 2007
Really now,..... was that lecture necessary? Oh...yes. I should point out that in your original message (#190), you mis-typed your email address. I guess no one is perfect. Gabe '54

195. peskys.gulfcoast@verizon.net - Jul 22, 2007
#194 cont'd. ...... suppressive parochial brainwashing and continue to engage in the need to "correct". Now, with that said, do I get detention?

194. peskys.gulfcoast@verizon.net - Jul 22, 2007
To AFP '48.... no need to attach my name to my message as you suggest I do. It was directed to the class '59. If they could not identify the sender by the clue contained within the e-mail address, and their curiosity motivated them, they would have submitted their own inquiring e-mail(s).You also suggest I give my year of graduation. Dear soul, read the opening of message#190 again. What does it imply? Sad that some still cannot shed the structured and suppress

193. frodofolk@optonline.net - Jul 17, 2007
Thanks to all for their assistance in locating Ronnie Jelen. I'm pleased to report that he's been tracked down and communication has been established. I'll get back to everyone individually as soon as I confirm the details. -Rick

192. frodofolk@optonline.net - Jul 5, 2007
Looking for Ronnie Jelen, Class of 1968. He lived on Hudson Place in Weehawken with two brothers (Walter & Chester - also HFHS alumni). Any info or leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. -Rick Stehn

191. HFHReunion@aol.com - Jul 1, 2007
In the future it would be helpful if you leave a message that you sign it with your full name and year of graduation. Ann Finkel Paras '48

190. peskys.gufcoast@verizon.net - Jun 10, 2007
to the class of '59..... in 2 years it will be 50 yrs!!!! so let's begin the planning process; something real informal.... like holding it at either Tarry's or Christina's. No ???

189. Louise1111@optonline.net - Jun 5, 2007
Thanks to Gabe DeMartin '54 we now have Joan Braddock Phalon '47 new information. If anyone knows of any other changes, please let us know so we can update our Master Listing. Thanks, Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48

188. Louise1111@optonline.net - May 31, 2007
Does anyone have a current address and/or telephone # for Joan Braddock Phalon '47? The last I have is Whiting, NJ and the telephone # has been disconnected. A Classmate is trying to contact her. Thanks, Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48


186. egans5@inmotion.org - May 4, 2007
kudos to the "team"who was responsible for the holy family"1957"graduating-class 50th.anniversary reunion party.the venue was great,lets do it again in the near future.*******joe egan

185. Louise1111@optonline.net - Apr 28, 2007
Msgr.Eid will be celebrating his 90th birthday and 60 years as a priest. Mass will be at Our Lady of Grace, 4th & Willow Ave, Hoboken at 5:30 pm Please attend if you can. He came to our 2000 Reunion. Thanks, Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48

184. c.feasenmyer36@att.net - Apr 27, 2007
Hi to all HFH Classmates-especially the class of '54. Hope spring has arrived wherever you are - here in CT. we are still waiting!! Wonder if anyone has any information on George Ulrich ( class of '51) or Diane Kennedy Kelly (class of 55). Looking forward to the next reunion! Thanks, Cathy

183. artnsoul2@msn.com - Apr 6, 2007
Happy Easter To All! I can recall so vividly the altar in Holy Family Church laden with beautiful white lillies at this time of year. I hope that your day holds that many blessings. Joni Scrivani '63

182. hfhigh48@aol.com - Apr 1, 2007
http://www.rootsweb.com/%7Eusgenweb/special/ppcs/ppcs.html This site was sent to me by one of the original committee members, it is where you can find penny postcards , scenes of hudson and bergen counties. Thought I would share with you. Meantime I wish you all a Blessed Easter and a happy day. Lee Moorhead

181. artnsoul2@msn.com - Mar 17, 2007
Happy St. Patti's Day To all! Theresa--thanks so much for Sister Kevin's address and will forward your regards to my sister, Mary. She just had her artwork featured in a Gallery Tour of her town, Coupeville, WA last weekend. Have a terific day!

180. jelg62@aol.com - Mar 14, 2007
folowing up previous e mail. Sr kevin is still stationed in Staten Isand and still........teaching.God bless that compassionate environment. But better God bless her strength and dedication. does the reunion committe serve as communiction link with fr paco and HF church? If so FTR richard Cabezas, HF 62, is open to representing HF alumi priests at the closing Masin November. The mass celebrating the end of this anniversary year Rich is at St stephen's church

179. HFHReunion@aol.com - Mar 11, 2007
Karl: Thank you for posting the photo of our 48/49 classmates. I was sorry to miss the reunion of 2004, but I am planning on attending the 2008 or whenever it is held. God willing. Ann Finkel Paras '48

178. omaterry@web.de - Mar 11, 2007
Hi Joni, I haven't been to this site for a while and am also sorry to hear about Sr. Kevin's injury. The address I have is a few years old but I haven't heard of any changes: Sr. Mary Kevin Dillon, 85 Delmore Street, Holy Family Convent, Statten Island, NY 10314. Say "Hi" to your sister Mary, when you talk to her next time, we used to sit next to each other in Senior class. Regards to all of class of 62. Theresa Wuetschner Weil '62

177. Louise1111@optonline.net - Mar 7, 2007
Just wanted to remind everyone of the upcoming Passion Play. It will be its 92nd season! Even though it is totally different from what we remember, it really is a "must" to see. I thought it is great. Try to make it. Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48

176. ammaiuro13@verizon.net - Mar 6, 2007
I just found this site, and I'm thrilled! Sal Buttaci..are you the husband of Ann Sica? I lost her address and have been thinking about her. For all of class of '60, I moved to PA last year when I retired, but would love to hear from anyone. Enjoyed the pix from the reunion. Agnes Hampton Maiuro '60

175. artnsoul2@msn.com - Mar 3, 2007
Bells on my shoelaces and one of those cheap and very glittery Christmas coursages from the five and ten on my lapel! JoniCapomaggi Scrivani '63

174. artnsoul2@msn.com - Mar 3, 2007
'So sorry to hear about our beloved Sister Kevin's injury. Does anyone know where we can write to her? I would love to send her a card and a note of cheer. She is the best! Joni Scrivani, HFH '63

173. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Feb 28, 2007
The reunion photo of the classes of '48 and 49' submitted by Karl Bischof is now posted with the reunion photos as #112. Eric

172. JELG@AOL.COM - Feb 28, 2007

171. jnr@shorenet.net - Feb 26, 2007
I haven't visited the site for a long time. I sent a Christmas card to Sr. Kevin and received no response (like I did last year). Anyone know if all is OK? I too remember many Christmas' in U.C. with shopping along Berginline Ave. There was much more time then between Father's Feast Day and Christmas...Did anyone else have bells on their shoelaces for Christmas?

170. egans5@in-motion.net - Feb 2, 2007

169. jelg@aol.com - Jan 25, 2007
More information for the Hudson County Diaspora. RUMOR????? has it ALL LAY employess of parish rectories and convents have been [dismissed] from their positions in all the parishes throughout Hudson County. This was a decision by the Newark Archdiocese. Has similar costs savings been implimented in other parishes of the Newark Archdiocese outside Hudson County?

168. jelg@2ol.com - Jan 25, 2007
Some info for the Hudson County diaspora. St. Al's HS in Jersey City, the home of Vinnie Ernst, was notified the Archdiocese will be closing it at the end of the 2007 school year. St Al's may have been 84 years old. I remeber tuition in the peeriod 1958 to 1962 was $15.00 a month; perhaps for only 10 months a year No summer payment??? St Al's may presently cost $5000.00 per year and could hv risen to $7000.00 if they had attempted to keep it open.

167. artnsoul2@msn.com - Jan 21, 2007
Hi Lee I tried to go to the site to read Sal's poems, but came up empty ): I copy and pasted address as shown. Can U help?

166. HFHReunion@aol.com - Jan 18, 2007
Joni: My daughter lives in Tarpon Bay off Imokalee. I believe Lee will be in Cape Coral the last week of January. Ann Finkel Paras '48

165. artnsoul2@msn.com - Jan 15, 2007
Oh Ann! So sorry I missed you. Had problem hooking up my PC first week. Glad you had fun--where were u in Naples--I am off Radio Road not far from Naples Airport. Joni (Capomaggi)Scrivani '63

164. HFHReunion@aol.com - Jan 15, 2007
Hi Joni: I returned from Naples last Sunday. I was visiting my daughter for almost a month, for the holidays. The weather was perfect. Sorry I missed you. Ann Finkel Paras

163. artnsoul2@msn.com - Jan 14, 2007
Hi everyone...down at my Naples home till end of March. Any alumni in the area, let me know. The (iced) coffee pot is always on!

162. hfhigh48 - Jan 10, 2007
I saw that two more people signed onto classmates, so I sent them an invitation to visit our message board. Hope they do so that we can send them an invitation to the next reunion. Lee

161. artnsoul2@msn.com - Dec 31, 2006
Happy New Year Everyone! Hope '07 brings peace, prosperity good health and happiness to all. Joni (Capomaggi) Scrivani HFH Class of '63

160. hfhigh48@aol.com - Dec 25, 2006
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, but most of all I pray that the New Year will bring many blessings to one and all ! Lee Moorhead '48

159. artnsoul2@msn.com - Dec 16, 2006
Was just waxing nostalgic about Christmas time in Union City when we were at HFH; the hustle and bustle of Bergenline Avenue, with shoppers peering into Holthausen's windows or stopping to put some coins in Santa's kettle in front of the five & ten cent stores. The old street looked so pretty at night with the tinsel trimmed lights stretching across the roadway, and how thrilled we were that not only was Christmas days away, but our long and fun-filled Christm

158. sambpoet@yahoo.com - Dec 7, 2006
Sharon and I want to wish all of you out there in HFHS LAND a Merry and Holy Christmas and a Prosperous 2007 New Year! We also want to announce that on November 7, we became the proud grandparents of Olivia Laraine Fisher. Sal Buttaci-- Proud Graduate of the Class of 1959

157. hfhigh48@aol.com - Dec 7, 2006
I received some letters from grads asking for the address for the nuns in Peekskill, so here it is ....it would be nice to remember them even if you only send a card. Franciscan Sisters Mt.St Francis 250 South St Peekskill NY 10566 Have a very happy and blessed Christmas Lee Moorhead

156. hfhigh48@aol.com - Dec 7, 2006
http://www.freewebs.com/sambpoet/salspoems120410.htm got this from Sal Buttaci one of the alumnus of Holy Family, he is a wonderful poet and these are some of his poems just written this week. Enjoy! Lee Moorhead

155. artnsoul2@msn.com - Dec 3, 2006
Just "found" this site again. I posted a ton of vintage UC pix on the Classmates HFH site. Hope you can check them out. If not and someone is a "tekkie", let me know how I can let everyone see them. All the best. Joni Capomaggi Scrivani '63

154. monsignoir@hotmail.com - Nov 26, 2006
I am very disturbed to hear of the passing of Richard KAy and John Manning...........WOW maybe we should have a 40th reunion Rest in peace guys

153. Louise1111@optonline.net - Nov 21, 2006
I realize it is after the fact, but everyone on our Master Listing should have received an invitation as this list was given to Holy Family at the request of Arnold Crabbe. Hopefully many of us will be able to go to the closing Mass on Sunday November 18, 2007. Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48

152. jelg@aol.com - Nov 19, 2006
A number of HFHS grads mentioned that they received Ftr. Paco's invutation too late; perhaps 4 -5 days prioir to the event on sunday 11/19. a similar 150th Anniversary Mass is schedules for Sunday 11-18- 2007 to close the anniverary year. at the Mass Ftr Paco explicitly invited all present at the Mass and all other former and present members of the HF Community to attend.

151. tbrophy@union-city.k12.nj.us - Nov 15, 2006

150. jtesta@gnhcc.com - Nov 9, 2006
I am forwarding on a message from Father Paco at Holy Family Church. Please see below Now I am writing to ask you a favor. Would you please inform the HS alumni that Holy Family Church is going to formally open the celebration of its 150th anniversary on Sunday, November 19th at the 1:15 mass. The regional bishop of Hudson County, Thomas Donato, will be the main celebrant. It would be great if those who live in the area could be present. I am counting on your

149. jnr@shorenet.net - Oct 23, 2006
I heard that Schutzen Park was sold. Any news on that? Will it be torn down? So much history. Where will we hold our next reunion? Joy Linden Loeffler, '62

148. HFHReunion@aol.com - Sep 28, 2006
We lost another graduate, Vincent Ruppert '46. God Rest His Soul. Ann Finkel Paras '48

147. coll42563@aol.com - Sep 5, 2006
Pat Shearman,thanks for the heads up.I'll be there. Actually, I probably spend more time there now because of my kids, than I did back in 1981. Colleen Doyle Caemmerer(1981)

146. amayerg@aol.com - Jul 21, 2006
Hi class of 1950, We regret to inform you that one of our classmates, Don Rehill,was killed in a private plane crash. He was piloting the plane when it lost power, crashed and burst into flames. We had become close to Don & his wife Marge since our 50th reunion, and we will miss him. Please say a prayer for him. Anne & George Mayer

145. abbadie@msn.com - Jun 25, 2006
Pat, Thanks for keeping us informed. Hope your move will bring you much happiness. Marie Muller Abbadie '60 Committeeperson

144. patrod42@yahoo.com - Jun 10, 2006
Please note my new address and e-mail address. Pat Annette Rodrick (60) 4148 Ashdon Place SE Southport NC 28561 Thanks y'all.

143. Louise1111@optonline.net - May 17, 2006
Class of 57 - Please contact George Lessner, 1522 Timber Edge Dr., McKinney, TX 75070. email: glessr@aol.com He is planning a reunion for your class. Thanks, Louise Aiello Iannantuano

142. hfhigh48@aol.com - May 10, 2006
Dear Valerie I will make the changes and will notify the committee and your classmates. have a happy Mother's Day, and anyone who is reading this have a happy Mother's Day too. Lee Moorhead

141. vveltri@dc.rr.com - May 8, 2006
Lee: Please change my info to: Valerie Caruso Veltri, 67664 South Laguna Drive, Cathedral City, CA 92234, 760-327-8590, e-mail: vveltri@dc.rr.com. This is new "retirement" info. Thanks!!! Valerie Caruso '62

140. EGANS5@IN-MOTION.NET - Apr 14, 2006

139. HFHIGH48@aol.com - Apr 14, 2006
A Happy & Blessed Easter to all of you and your wonderful families. Lee Moorhead

138. HFHIGH48@aol.com - Apr 14, 2006
A Happy & Blessed Easter to all of you and your wonderful families. Lee Moorhead

137. hfhigh48@aol.com - Jan 18, 2006
Hi everyone I will be gone for the most part of the winter first to AZ then to Fla. so I will try to send some warm winds and sunshine your way. Please hold up on the emails to me until I return. Love and light to all Lee Moorhead

136. eganc5@inmotion.net - Dec 23, 2005

135. HFHReunion@aol.com - Dec 21, 2005
I wish you all A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year from sunny Florida! Let there be Peace in the World! Ann Finkel Paras '48

134. abbadie@msn.com - Dec 20, 2005
Wishing each one a Blessed Christmas and A Happy, Healthy, Joyful & Peaceful New Year. Marie Muller Abbadie '54

133. wcbiss@aol.com - Dec 20, 2005
I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This year is extra special for me since I recieved a donor's heart this past July. Thanks for all your prayers and support. Capre' Diem

132. Louise1111@optonline.net - Dec 19, 2005
Wishing all a Blessed Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year. Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48

131. omaterry@web.de - Nov 27, 2005
Thanks Lee, for forwarding the info to woosh33, but I have already written to Jessie Wuetschner directly. He (or she) is no close relative, I can go back 4 generations on the Wuetschner side, so it may go back even further. Theresa Wuetschner Weil '62

130. hfhigh48@aol.com - Nov 26, 2005
answer to woosh33@aol.com Theresa Wuetschner Weil 62 10 Vogelsberg (Jochen) renault auto dealership Strass 011-49-6007-7049 61381 Friedrichsdorg Gy) tw@autohaus-weil.de & omaterry@web.de

129. Woosh33@aol.com - Nov 23, 2005
I am looking for any of my family.. My name is Jessie Wuetschner, my father is Ziegfried, my grandmother is Inge. If you are related or know anything, can you e-mail me at woosh33@aol.com?. Thank You.

128. sambpoet@yahoo.com - Nov 18, 2005
To all my brother and sister graduates of HFHS, my wife Sharon and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Let's add to our lists of reasons to be thankful those HFHS we spent back then. Sal Buttaci, Class of 1959

127. HFHReunion@aol.com - Oct 29, 2005
Louise: Jean Kearney Buja '48 470 Coldstream Drive Berwyn,Pa. 19312 Telephone 610-647-2356 e-mail:edjeanbuja@comcast.net Ann Finkel Paras '48

126. louise1111@optonline.net - Oct 23, 2005
GOOD NEWS UPDATE: At our luncheon today with several classmates, it was decided to have the next reunion in 2008. Details to follow, we will keep you posted. Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48

125. knwent@msn.com - Oct 23, 2005
There were pictures taken by class years. Are they posted anywhere? How do I get to see those picture? Walter Raine Class of 1958

124. louise1111@optonline.net - Oct 20, 2005
I noticed Jean Kearney '48 signed onto Classmates. Does anyone have her e-mail or home address? Thanks, Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48

123. louise1111@optonline.net - Sep 17, 2005
To All: We are planning an October Luncheon to form a new committee for our next reunion. If anyone is interested, please contact our present Secretary, Gladys Dadian at:gladys@powersolution.com or call 973-423-2930. Thanks, Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48

122. EGANS5@INMOTION.NET - Sep 13, 2005

121. eganc5@inmotion.net - Sep 12, 2005

120. c.feasenmyer36@att.net - Sep 4, 2005
Hi All, Just dropping by to say "HI" to all the HFH classmates, especially class of "54. Have had a busy summer and looking forward to a beautiful fall here in CT. My best to all. Cathy

119. Louise1111@optonline.net - Jul 14, 2005
If anyone would like to send Good Wishes to Fr. George Hanna, Class of '52, he will be celebrating his 50th Anniversary of Date of Profession Sept 5th. His picture and write up is in the Advocate July 13th pg 17. Address: Our Lady of the Valley, 510 Valley Street, Orange, NJ 07050. Thanks, Louise Aiello Iannantuano (Lee: I will send both articles to you)

118. hfhigh48@aol.com - Jul 13, 2005
Hi! I do not get the advocate, but would love to read about my cousin George. He was my favorite cousin growing up and back in the 70s I went to visit him at his parish in Paterson NJ. If anyone has an extra copy or could photostat the page he is on, I would much appreciate it. Lee Moorhead

117. Louise1111@optonline.net - Jul 10, 2005
In response to jeg44@yahoo.com, yes I did see the article about Msgr. Wm C. Hatcher class of '61. There was another article in the Advocate in March about Fr. George Hanna class of 52. They are on our Master Listing. Next Time you write, please include your name. Thanks,Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48

116. jeg44@yahoo.com - Jul 4, 2005
perhaps of interest to a number of graduates , faculty both lay and religious, an intersting article in the C atholic Advocate vol 54 no 14 p.10 regarding Bill Hatcher,"61. ( Monsgr. William Hatcher).

115. jforster731@earthlink.net - Jul 1, 2005
HF, I don't know if anyone reads these messages anymore, but anyway, here goes. If you see this and have any recolectijon of ever meeting me, just write a short note via email to my address above and I'll reply. Okay ?? John Forster "47

114. jnr@shorenet.net - Jun 16, 2005
To Louie Santorelli & Eric....What was the format for his photo...it downloaded in a flash!

113. jnr@shorenet.net - Jun 16, 2005
I haven't visited the site since April. Did anyone send in a group photo for posting on the picture board? I would be willing to do so (if you can return photo). It takes so long to download the photos...I just looked at 2 that were just balloons! (#89 & 90) to save time for others.

112. cja1943@aol.com - Jun 14, 2005
Karl I think you're right that Eric is the only one who can access the web site for the purpose of adding pictures. Therefore we should all be a little patient and wait until he has the opportunity to do so. Charles Arney '61

111. kbischof@juno.com - Jun 10, 2005
Charles Arney: As far as I know no one can add to our web site but Eric. I would be glad to do it myself. If you or anyone else know how to do it I would be glad to send you the picture. Karl T. Bischof.

110. cja1943@aol.com - Jun 9, 2005
Karl why don't you give it a rest. Eric has already posted over 100 pictures on the web site. In a recent email he said he would post the class pictures when he had the chance. You want them done faster you do it . Charles Arney '61

109. kbischof@juno.com - Jun 7, 2005
I wonder what happened to the reunion picture I sent to Eric of class '48 & '49. Karl Bischof

108. Louise1111@optonline.net - May 15, 2005
Sr. Patricia: I sent this info to you directly. Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48

107. pgcrowley1@comcast.net - May 15, 2005
Would like to get in touch with Janet Cosgrove Faherty, Class of '80. Does anyone know her or where she may live?

106. ksievers@optonline.net - May 9, 2005
Hi Eric, Please send me the master list in Excel format. Thanks, Karen

105. ebbsoft@optonline.net - May 9, 2005
Yes I have received that photo, as wells other new photos from Lou Santorelli, Ray Frech and Karl Bischof, but have been extremely busy. I hope to have all these additional photos posted soon. It may be this weekend's project. Eric

104. Louise1111@optonline.net - May 6, 2005
Eric: Have you received the 1948-49 class photo that was sent? I don't see it on our Website and was wondering if you received it and any other class photos. Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48

103. pgcrowley1@comcast.net - Apr 20, 2005
Looking to find out if Janet Cosgrove Faherty might be related. Was your father John and your mother Ann? My mother is Catherine Cosgrove Crowley. Your father and my mother may have been half brother and sister. Pat Crowley Class of '61

102. Beachbum313@webtv.net - Apr 13, 2005
Thank you Eric, for the great job you did with posting of the photos for the last reunion. You did a great job and I appreciate it. Paul Johnson class of '46

101. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Apr 12, 2005
Theresa, I would post them but I don't have any of them. If someone provides them I will do so. Eric

100. omaterry@web.de - Apr 12, 2005
Thanks Eric for posting your fotos and the others that were submitted. They are great and show many happy people enjoying themselves. I wasn't able to make this reunion and was wondering if it is possible to post the class (group) pictures taken that evening. This way we could see everyone that attended and perhaps recognize someone we haven't seen or heard of for years. Theresa Wuetschner Weil '62

99. project655@yahoo.com - Apr 11, 2005
I wasn't able to make the last reunion. The pictures posted by Irene McSherry made me smile and are appreciated. ...I'll meet you at the P&L in 10 minutes for lunch. John Major

98. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Apr 10, 2005
Irene McSherry Sidoti '72 has submitted three reunion photos which are now posted as #s 109-111. Eric

97. tom@realityinteractivemedia.com - Apr 8, 2005
Looking for members of Kindergarten class at Holy Family Grammar School 1957 Miss Johnson was the teacher.

96. glessr@aol.com - Apr 6, 2005
Sorry I missed the 2004 reunion. I would love to hear from members of the class of '57 George Lessner

95. jnr@shorenet.net - Apr 5, 2005
Haven't visited here in a long time. Just read the "nuns' reply" regarding donation. The handwriting is beautiful..just as the nuns always had when they signed our report cards, or sent notes home to our parents..Joy Linden Loeffler

94. jnr@shorenet.net - Apr 5, 2005
Hi Louie Santorelli...Hope you sent a copy of that photo to Sr. Kevin. It was great. How happy you both look! Joy Linden Loeffler

93. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Apr 4, 2005
Gabe DeMartin '54 has submitted twenty reunion photos which are now posted as #s 89-97. Eric

92. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Apr 4, 2005
Kathy Zur Heide Morbit '68 has submitted twelve reunion photos which are now posted as #s 77-88. Eric

91. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Apr 3, 2005
I can identify only those from my year 1967, plus a few others, including the committee members. I cannot identify most of the people in the photos. If enough people post messages here identifying those they know in particular photos, the photos can be labeled. Eric

90. abbadie@msn.com - Apr 3, 2005
Eric, Thanks for posting the pictures. Is there any way of identifying for everyone looking at them who the people are in the pictures?........Marie Muller Abbadie '54

89. HFHReunion@aol.com - Apr 2, 2005
Eric: Thanks for posting the photos. You are quite the photographer! Joanne (your classmate, and my baby sister, Joanne Finkel) is driving me crazy trying to identify everyone. The wait was worth it. Ann Finkel Paras '48

88. Louise1111@optonline.net - Apr 1, 2005
Eric: What a fine job you did. We all appreciate your hard work. Our many thanks to you. Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48

87. ebbsoft@optonline.net - Mar 31, 2005
The 65 photos I took at the reunion are now posted (1-65), the photo Lou Santorelli '62 sent is posted (66), and the 10 photos Rick Bjornholm (husband of Kathy Fischl '67) sent are posted (67-76). These are the only photos I have to post. Eric

86. Louise1111@optonline.net - Mar 31, 2005
To all that keep asking about the pictures they can only be put on by Eric Bal '67 as he maintains our Website. Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48 President

85. bjthedog@optonline,net - Mar 26, 2005
OK, who has the pictures? Let's see 'em. Peggy (Hogger) Roycraft

84. HFHigh48@aol.com - Mar 25, 2005
I am also hoping to see the reunion photos before 2010 when we hold the next mega reunion. Please, please please, put those pictures on the site soon. Thanks Lee Moorhead

83. Beachbum313@webtv.net - Mar 22, 2005
For months now, we have been promised pictures of the reunion.Do you think we will see them before the next reunion? Is this a dead issue? Paul Johnson, Class of '46

82. kbischof@juno.com - Mar 17, 2005
Cathy, glad you got your pictures. Isn't Gabe the greatest? But I am wondering what happened to the pictures promised on this web site. Soon after our reunion it said, "Reunion Photo's coming". I am 74 years old. I hope I see them before I die. Karl Bischof '49

81. c.feasenmyer36@att.net - Mar 15, 2005
Thanks to Gabe DeMartin for the great pictures of the reunion! I am making copies to send to Pat Roche Ibach in Pa. who I hope to see as soon as the snow melts. Live in CT and guess Gabe you only live about 40 minutes from me. Thanks again for the pictures! Cathy

80. Beachbum313@webtv.net - Mar 8, 2005
If there are any old friends from the class of '45 or others out there, I would like to hear from them. Paul Johnson

79. berniehenzi@wavecable.com - Mar 7, 2005
To Garbiel deMartin, I'm Bernadette Henzi and am wondering where you found out so much about me? It would be interesting to know. Thanks.

78. kbischof@juno.com - Mar 6, 2005
I just noticed a big omission in my last message. I said, "Her sister Patricia has most of the information I was looking for that I would like to have to put on his profile.%94 I didn't say whose profile. I am doing a profile on their Uncle Marine Sgt. Peter Henzi who was killed in WWII. Karl Bischof '49

77. kbischof@juno.com - Mar 5, 2005
Thanks to Gabe DeMaritn '54 who did some real fine research I (he) found the Bernadette Henzi, including her phone number. I called her. Her sister Patricia has most of the information I was looking for that I would like to have to put on his profile page of the Marine site that I found. Karl %9149

76. tmolnar1@comcast.net - Mar 1, 2005
Karl- Catherine Henzi was a good friend of my Mother and is my God Mother. She would have graduated from HFH in the class of 1933 with my mother and with Ray Frech. (Tony Molnar '56)

75. gabrieldemartin@aol.com - Mar 1, 2005
Karl--- Did a quick search for you. There is a C. Henzi that lives at 625-36th St in Union City. I will send the phone number I found via email. Perhaps this person is a male relative (Uncle, cousin, brother) of those girls and can give you the info you need.

74. kbischof@juno.com - Mar 1, 2005
Does anyone know anything about a Pat and Bernadette Henzi? That is their maiden name and I can't remember their marriage name. I don't think they went to HFH but went to grammar school at Holy Family. I would like to get in touch with them if anyone knows how to contact them please let me know. Karl Bischof %9149

73. jelg44@yahoo.com - Feb 26, 2005
Theresa w. the jerry healy of '62 passed away in about 1071 or 72 a shooting accident. Ironically, he had been a politician. had just compleated a campaign for some local office in union , middlesex or some suburban county. jim naughton class of 62 may actually have a copy of the story that ran in one of the papers. the major of jersey city is an xavier graduate. may have come from north bergen paterson plank road healy's bar may have been his paren

72. omaterry@web.de - Feb 26, 2005
I read that the Roosevelt Stadium site is to be the new Emerson High School, with a football field on top of the cafeteria. The old Union Hill High is supposed to be rebuilt as a middle school after the new one is occupied. Theresa Wuetschner Weil '62

71. tmolnar1@comcast.net - Feb 26, 2005
Follow-up on the new Union Hill High School and the factory on 39t St. I checked with an old friend with current ties to Union City and he advised that the site for the new high school is on the Roosevelt Stadium site (24th St) rather than 38th to 40th. Tony Molnar 56

70. omaterry@web.de - Feb 26, 2005
Tony, thanks for your help (hint). No it's now the Healy from out class, he's too young. I guess, thru this site and reading the jj, I keep wandering thru Union City and Hudson County in my head. I recall things I haven't thought of for ages. But being away from UC for 41 yrs. and here in Germany now for 39 yrs. I realize things have changed a lot. Has this happened to others, too? Theresa Wuetschner Weil'62

69. tmolnar1@comcast.net - Feb 26, 2005
Terry, per the following site (which has a picture) Healy was born in 1950. Http://www.cityofjerseycity.com/mayor_bio.html. Tony Molnar (56?)

68. omaterry@web.de - Feb 26, 2005
Jim Greaves '62, Since your hint about the Jersey Journal, I've put it on my web Favoite List and read it almost daily. I was wondering if, the Mayor of Jersey City, Jeremiah Healy, the same one is that was in our class? They don't give you any fotos to the articles on the web, so I'm only going by the name. Our Healy wanted to become a Marine and I thought he had died in Vietnam. Please help. Theresa Wuetschner Weil '62

67. omaterry@web.de - Feb 21, 2005
Jim Greaves '62, I tried to send 2 emails to the address you gave here on the message board but they both came back. Would you send me a message at the above email, or write the right one here on the board so I can send you a picture. Theresa Wuetschner Weil '62

66. glinden@charter.net - Feb 20, 2005
Tony and Terry, I sent an Email to the Jersey Journal news dept. to see if they had any info. Will let you know. Meanwhile, Tony it was great seeing you at the reunion. Greg Linden'55

65. tmolnar1@comcast.net - Feb 20, 2005
Terry I went to Holy Family Grammar (8 years) and 1 + at the high school and then ended up at Union Hill where I graduated in Jan. 1957 instead of June'56. Looks like your initial question about the building has stirred up some interesting facts. (PS Hi Greg) Tony Molnar

64. glinden@charter.net - Feb 20, 2005
Thanks Terry and Tony for the enlighting and shocking news about the factories in the photo of UC. Did some searching of my own and it is a BAD location for a new high school. Greg Linden '55

63. omaterry@web.de - Feb 20, 2005
Tony I did some research myself and I didn't like what I read about the company. It's in the middle of the site for the new Union Hill High School, from 38 & 40 Str. between Kennedy Blvd. & Bergenline Ave. and it will hold 1700 students. Why the ? after the (56) ? Theresa Wuetschner Weil '62

62. tmolnar1@comcast.net - Feb 20, 2005
Theresa I know that she worked on a type of assembly line. Not sure what they produced but during the war it was a very tightly controlled factory with lots of government security. I just did a search on Callite Tungsten there are some interesting listings if you are interested. I lived on Hudson Blvd and 38th Street. Tony Molnar (56?)

61. omaterry@web.de - Feb 20, 2005
Tony Molnar'56, Thanks for the info, no embroidery factory. Do you know or remember what kind of work your mother did there? I know tungsten is used in making light bulbs but also many other things. Did you live around that area? I only remember Charlie's Vegetable store off the corner of 39th St.& Bergenline, where we bought our fish on Fridays.Theresa Wuetschner Weil'62

60. tmolnar1@comcast.net - Feb 19, 2005
Theresa Wuetschner Weil '62 - re message #53. I can't say the original purpose of the building but during and after WW2 it was known as the Callite Tungsten plant. My Mother worked there in the late 40's and early 50's. It is on the north side of 39th st between the Blvd. and Bergeline.--- Tony Molnar 56(?)

59. kbischof@juno.com - Feb 13, 2005
I keep seing "Reunion pictures coming", but when are they coming? Karl Bischof

58. omaterry@web.de - Feb 8, 2005
Hi Jim, now that I know the Jim I'm writing to. I went to the jj site but could only read a short summary of the article. They want $$ to download the whole article, but I learned that Union Hill became Union City in 1925 when they merged with West Hoboken. My Dad came from Germany in 1928 so it was then already UC. Now I'm in Germany already 39 y.Theresa Wuetschner Weil '62

57. jeg@aol.com - Feb 8, 2005
Theresa W. Excuse the cyber rudeness. The Jim of the jj and embroidery millis Jim Greaves '62. After transmitting the e-mail i proofed????? it and expected to be apologizing for my spelling and keyboarding skills first. Best!!! Jim greaves.

56. omaterry@web.de - Feb 8, 2005
Thanks for the responce, Jim? Which Jim? Gotta last name? What year? I knew there were embroidery factories around 22nd Street that were built and founded by the swiss that lived in Union City, but I didn't think this building was that, too. Thanks for the hint about the Jersey Journal. Theresa Wuetschner Weil '62

55. hfhigh48@aol.com - Feb 7, 2005
Hi everyone, just want you to knw I am on vacation in AZ this winter and met with 3 of the former grads who now live in the Phoenix area, the only one missing was Ed OReilly, but hoping to see him this coming week. I gave them all the website, hope they will post messages on here too. Take care now and have a great winter Lee Moorhead class of 48

54. jeg@aol.com - Feb 7, 2005
theresa w a continuation. The jersey journal has deteriorated in both quality and "size" but I am 99% sure it has a niche in the cyber world. you should be able to locate the article and picture I refer to on the internet. At most i am off a week . look between jan 24 and feb 4 ,2005 jim.

53. jeg@aol.com - Feb 7, 2005
theresa thanks for introducing me to the aerial view game. I FOUND THE RECTORY!!!!!!! You must be drawn to your heritage. Last week the jersy jounal had an article that feature a large view of this same builging, factory. it was lauded as a prime example of the embrodery idustry transplanted to union city by the emigrants from germany in the latter part of the 19th century. it's an old embroidery "mill" i believe similar to other 19th century germany or cent

52. omaterry@web.de - Feb 7, 2005
In the arial view foto of Union City there's a hugh red brick building in the upper left corner. I think it must be 39th Street. Does anyone know what it is (was)? I used to live on 37th Street near New York Ave. but never knew this bulding was there. Thanks. Theresa Wuetschner Weil '62

51. kbischof@juno.com - Jan 24, 2005
If there are any US Marines (once a Marine always a Marine) out there who are interested in a great Marine web site let me know and I will explain. Karl Bischof '49.

50. egans5@inmotion.net - Jan 23, 2005
Thanks Karl for your acknowledgement,and it did mean you too.Hope to see alot more activity on this web-site.

49. kbischof@juno.com - Jan 8, 2005
Thank you Joe Egan for your New Year's greeting to all the alumni. Guess that means me too! I also wish you and all the alum the same. Most of all, best of health. We are a very proud close knit family and the reunion and this web cite keeps us together! Karl Bischof '49.

48. stephen.jimmerson@excite.com - Jan 3, 2005
thanks joe egan for your call out ---- i am still wondering when pictures will be posted to the site. my mom, joan (montieth) jimmerson was in attendance and is anxious to know if and when something will be posted. thanks again for showing my mom such a wonderful time!

47. jnr@shorenet.net - Dec 29, 2004
Am I missing something? There is talk of pictures from the reunion being posted...I couldn't find any at this site. Since I used only the old fashioned 35mm camera, I can't post my photos. How can we see some of those pictures? Joy Linden Loeffler '62.

46. gabrieldemartin@aol.com - Dec 28, 2004
For Cathy Feasenmyer--- Cathy, I emailed a dozen pictures of the reunion to you at the email address you gave on this board. The mail came back undeliverable. Get your email address to me and I'll resend them. Gabe DeMartin

45. egans5@in-motion..net - Dec 28, 2004

44. C.Feasenmyer36@att.net - Dec 28, 2004
I am sorry that I could not make this reunion due to several surgeries. Have just recovered from one on Dec.7th and am looking forward to being well enough to attend the next reunion. Would like to see any pictures taken at the reunion. Thanks -- Cathy Feasenmyer Goolsby

43. kbischof@juno.com - Dec 23, 2004
The Reunion 2004 committee gave me the privilege of delivering a check of $2545.57 to the nuns in Peekskill. I had a great day! Dinner with the nuns and after dinner I presented the check to the provincial. I only wish you all could see the expression on her face when she read the amount. Karl Bischof '49

42. MERRY CHRISTMAS - Dec 23, 2004
I wish everyone on the committee and the alumni of Holy Family both grammar and high schools,a very merry and blessed Christmas and a happy healthy prosperous new year filled with love and peace Lee Moorhead class of 1949

41. hamuller@optonline.net - Dec 21, 2004
I have a cousin in Tuscon who graduated from HF in the 40s. Her name is Florence (Muller) Sivili. If anyone remembers her she would like to be contacted. Her email is ms@gbronline.com

40. sambpoet@yahoo.com - Dec 13, 2004
How would I go about acquiring a copy of the Holy Family history book by Dr. Johnson, one of my teachers during my 1955-1959 happy years at HFHS? Sal Buttaci: Class of 1959

39. egans5@in-motion.net - Dec 6, 2004

38. vveltri@comcast.net - Dec 1, 2004
Hi, Joy! Yes, it was very sad about Roberta. She and I were close in school. When I was "date-less" (often) she would try to pair me with one of her brother's friends! And, one time it worked (except that he invited her to our Senior Prom instead of me)! Valerie (Caruso '62)

37. jnr@shorenet.net - Dec 1, 2004
Hi Valerie! Thanks for the compliment. Did you get the email about Roberta? Very sad... Karl bawled me out too a long time ago...if you scroll down. I had the same complaint early on. So now I try to identify myself each time. Sure hope to see you next time. Keep writing on the message board, please. Joy Linden Loeffler '62

36. hfhigh48@aol.com - Nov 27, 2004
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thansgiving. If you would like to do something for our troops this Christmas, please go to www.soldiersangels.com and send someone a card to let them know we support and love them. Love and light to all Lee Moorhead class of '48

35. egans5@in-motion.net - Nov 25, 2004
Hello, everyone. I read all your messages, and there're so cool. I'm Joe Egans "57" granddaughter Tiffany. And ask my grampa, I'm wonderful!!!! Have a great day!!!!

34. vveltri@comcast.net - Nov 24, 2004
Part II as I was "cut off" for space: maybe he didn't. Maybe he just wrote the note to ask about pictures on behalf of his Mom. What a nice son he is if that's the case. Now.......CALM DOWN so you'll be around for the next reunion!!!! Happy Thanksgiving........: ) (Now guess who I am!!!!) Hi, Joy Linden Loeffler! You looked great in the class picture!.........Valerie

33. vveltri@comcast.net - Nov 24, 2004
To reply to kbischof@juno.com (and I do because I've been "scolded" by you, too), I see that YOU DON'T ALWAYS IDENTIFY YOURSELF EITHER!!!!! But it doesn't take a brain surgeon to go to the ticket sales roster and find someone. I found Joan Montieth with no problem whatsoever and found you with no problem as well. Stephen Jimmerson (NOT Jammerson) is the son of Joan Montieth as he said, but that doesn't mean that he attended Holy Family. Maybe he did; maybe

32. HFHReunion@aol.com - Nov 24, 2004
Karl: Joan Montieth Jimmerson '46 attended the reunion. Her son, who did not attend HFH, is asking the question because his mother is not on the computer. Ann Finkel Paras '48

31. kbischof@juno.com - Nov 24, 2004
Sorry Stephen Jammerson, I meant when did you graduate?

30. kbischof@juno.com - Nov 24, 2004
When people write on the the message board, why don't they identify themseleves? Who the hell is "Stephen.jimmerson@excite.com"?

29. stephen.jimmerson@excite.com - Nov 24, 2004
my mom was at the reunion (Joan (Montieth) Jimmerson -- she is anxious to know if any pictures been posted of this event? She had a wonderful time by the way and so thanks from everyone for all your efforts!

28. jnr@shorenet.net - Nov 23, 2004
Have just visited Classmates.com and looked at some of Joe Ianero (spelling?) photos of HF and neighborhood. Brings back a lot of memories. Go take a look and pass the word...Joy Linden Loeffler '62

27. jnr@shorenet.net - Nov 18, 2004
Louise just told me that it will be a 50th reunion for the Class of '60 when we have the next event at Schutzen Park. No....It can't be! We're only shortly behind them! Joy Linden Loeffler '62.

26. vveltri@comcast.net - Nov 17, 2004
Thanks to Lou Santorelli for sending me some great pics from the reunion. Seeing his glorious smile makes me wish I could have heard the laugh that surely followed! I recognized all my former classmates by their smiles! Some things just never change. I think six years is too long to wait! I'm just pouting because I missed this one. Valerie Caruso Veltri ('62)

25. Beachbum313@webtv.net - Nov 14, 2004
I was happy to see that the reunion was such a huge success. I was sorry that I could not attend. The committee must have worked very hard. I hope to attend the next one. Would like to hear from any of my friends, not only the class of '46. Paul Johnson

24. jalfieri@nc.rr.com - Nov 12, 2004
Under "More Pictures" there is a photo of former teacher, James E. Johnson. Does anyone know of his where-abouts?

23. grannyl415@msn.com - Nov 7, 2004
Glad to hear so many people had such a good time.I know I really enjoyed seeing everyone.Hope to see you again at the next reunion.Barbara Muller Leahy '56

22. jnr@shorenet.net - Nov 2, 2004
For those of you who did not get Sr. Kevin's address at the reunion...here it is...or at least that's here address from last time... Sr. Mary Kevin Dillon, Holy Family Convent (ironic?), 85 Delmore Street, Staten Island, N.Y. 10314 Joy Linden Loeffer '62.

21. WKENNY654@COMCAST.NET - Oct 26, 2004

20. kbischof@juno.com - Oct 24, 2004
In answer to Lee. Yes, Eric has done a great job with our web site. Soon you will see some pictures from the reunion. Karl Bischof '49

19. HFHigh48@aol.com - Oct 23, 2004
I think we all owe a big thanks to Eric Bal for setting up this website , it's a great way to find out what other grads are saying about the reunion and about seeing their old friends again. Maybe we will be able to post photos of the reunion on here too, just so those who could not attend can at least enoy the reunion too. Lee Moorhead

18. egans5@in-motion.net - Oct 22, 2004
Great reunion,was nice spending quality time with my "57"classmates.Bill Mahon & his wife,Pat Dempsey& her husband,Kathy Hummel,Margaret Clarke,Adelaide Forte,Audrey Laporte,Marge Sharpe,if I forgot anyone I apologize.

17. glinden@charter.net - Oct 22, 2004
Greg Linden '55. By the way, all those kids looked great.

16. glinden@charter.com - Oct 22, 2004
Greg Linden '55. Thanks to the committee for a great job. One of the advantages of going to a small school is that you get to know and make friends with people in classes ahead and behind, as well as those in your own class. I loved seeing all these friends again. Thank you.

15. HFHigh48@aol.com - Oct 22, 2004
I sent the list of addresses to jac3ridge@aol.com so he can contact those who did not attend to find out why. I also asked him to keep the list so he can make contact with them again for the next reunion. I know that in the next few years I am going to continue tryng to contact those I went to school with to urge them to come. They really missed a great time. Lee Moorhead

14. jac3ridge@aol.com - Oct 22, 2004
Great job by the Committee. Looked like all had a good time. Good attendance by class of '61. Great to see Sr. Kevin. Great to see Peter Calabrese, Bill Kenny and Dennis Doyle. A few follow-up questions I forgot to ask: Where was/where is Justin Camerlingo, Phil Ianiro? Anyone know? Where was/are Margorie Duffy, Gail Accomando, Patricia Coyle, Barbara Cronenberg?, etc. They and other classmates (like Jim Maher, Frank Nappo, John Olivero and Richie Gila)were mis

13. e.schwerer@att.net - Oct 21, 2004
Thanks to the committee for a wonderful job. We all had a great time and going to the Mass tied the whole package together perfectly. Looking forward to the next one. Elaine Schwerer '67

12. jnr@shorenet.net - Oct 19, 2004
From Joy Linden Loeffler '62..Didn't see Mr. McKeever or Mr. Kohler. Thought they were supposed to be there. Sr. Kevin was there again. Isn't she a gem! What a great surprise to see Fr. Reilly. I didn't know he became a priest. I remember him and his brother,who was in my class, from many years at HF grammar and high.

11. jnr@shorenet.net - Oct 19, 2004
To Karl...Message #151, from Message #149 (Joy Linden Loeffler '62) Sorry about not "signing." I mentioned that a long time ago. We all forget that our email names are in code. Anyway, thanks to you and all the Committee members for a wonderful evening...again.

10. Barb129@optonline.net - Oct 19, 2004
My husband, Bob, and I enjoyed the HF Reunion Saturday night. It was wonderful seeing people I hadn't seen in over 45 years. The reunion committeee did a great job in putting everything together. Looking forward to the next one. Barbara Brennan Langon '59

9. abbadie@msn.com - Oct 19, 2004
Our committee worked hard to make the reunion the success that it was. We hope all enjoyed meeting with old friends and classmates not seen for a long time. We appreciate the kind words of those who attended. It was fun. Marie (Muller)Abbadie '54 committeeperson

8. HFHigh48@aol.com - Oct 19, 2004
Thank you grads for all the wonderul letters we have received about the fun they had at the reunion. Everyone on the committee worked very hard to make this reunion very special and it was well worth it. My very best to all of you. Lee Moorhead comm. member reunion 2004

7. MJK42559@aol.com - Oct 19, 2004
The reunion was terrific - it was great to see old friends and classmates after so many years. The committee did a fantastic job - a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Hope to see you all at the next one. Maureen (Davis) Klapouchy '49 HF Commercial

6. kathleencolbert77068@hotmail.com - Oct 18, 2004
Kathy (Jay) Brennan (1964) I had a great time, thanks for the reunion committee for putting that together, sorry that you had a hard time finding me. My sisters and I had a great time remembering what people look like 40 years ago.

5. ccarmel@worldnet.att.net - Oct 18, 2004
Congratulations to the committee. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed seeing old friends and classmates (Freddie Schneider and Jackie, Barbara (Muller) and Bill Leahy, Rose Marie (Maresca) Preolo and Tony Molnar - also members of the class of '57. Really wish that more could have attended. Carolyn (Gutschalk) Carmelengo - 1956.

4. kbischof@juno.com - Oct 18, 2004
Our committee has worked together very hard for at least a year to make the reunion a great success, which it was. Not one person could have done it alone. We all worked together and at times it was fun. But when we hear the kind words of all who have congratulated us it makes it all worth while. Karl Bischof '49, (Committee member).

3. cath_dumas@yahoo.com - Oct 18, 2004
Thanks to all committee members and anyone else who had a hand in the planning and execution of our HFHS reunion. It was worth every mile from North Carolina and back. I had a great time. Catherine Rader-Dumas '55

2. Louise1111@optonline.net - Oct 17, 2004
Would like to thank "everyone" for making our 2004 Reunion a success. Thanks again for your support. Louise Aiello Iannantuano '48, President

1. artnsoulworldnet.att.net - Oct 17, 2004
Congratulations to the Reunion Committee!!! What a great job you did--Pauline, Mary Lou and I had a blast seeing dear friends and dancing up a storm. Kudos to all! Joni (Capomaggi) Scrivani '63